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public class: CodespaceRange [javadoc | source]
This represents a single entry in the codespace range.
 public CodespaceRange() 
Method from org.apache.fontbox.cmap.CodespaceRange Summary:
getEnd,   getStart,   isInRange,   setEnd,   setStart
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Method from org.apache.fontbox.cmap.CodespaceRange Detail:
 public byte[] getEnd() 
    Getter for property end.
 public byte[] getStart() 
    Getter for property start.
 public boolean isInRange(byte[] code,
    int offset,
    int length) 
    Check whether the given byte array is in this codespace range or ot.
 public  void setEnd(byte[] endBytes) 
    Setter for property end.
 public  void setStart(byte[] startBytes) 
    Setter for property start.