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public class: HeaderTable [javadoc | source]
A table in a true type font.
Field Summary
public static final  String TAG    Tag to identify this table. 
Method from org.apache.fontbox.ttf.HeaderTable Summary:
getCheckSumAdjustment,   getCreated,   getFlags,   getFontDirectionHint,   getFontRevision,   getGlyphDataFormat,   getIndexToLocFormat,   getLowestRecPPEM,   getMacStyle,   getMagicNumber,   getModified,   getUnitsPerEm,   getVersion,   getXMax,   getXMin,   getYMax,   getYMin,   initData,   setCheckSumAdjustment,   setCreated,   setFlags,   setFontDirectionHint,   setFontRevision,   setGlyphDataFormat,   setIndexToLocFormat,   setLowestRecPPEM,   setMacStyle,   setMagicNumber,   setModified,   setUnitsPerEm,   setVersion,   setXMax,   setXMin,   setYMax,   setYMin
Methods from org.apache.fontbox.ttf.TTFTable:
getCheckSum,   getLength,   getOffset,   getTag,   initData,   setCheckSum,   setLength,   setOffset,   setTag
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Method from org.apache.fontbox.ttf.HeaderTable Detail:
 public long getCheckSumAdjustment() 
 public Calendar getCreated() 
 public int getFlags() 
 public short getFontDirectionHint() 
 public float getFontRevision() 
 public short getGlyphDataFormat() 
 public short getIndexToLocFormat() 
 public int getLowestRecPPEM() 
 public int getMacStyle() 
 public long getMagicNumber() 
 public Calendar getModified() 
 public int getUnitsPerEm() 
 public float getVersion() 
 public short getXMax() 
 public short getXMin() 
 public short getYMax() 
 public short getYMin() 
 public  void initData(TrueTypeFont ttf,
    TTFDataStream data) throws IOException 
    This will read the required data from the stream.
 public  void setCheckSumAdjustment(long checkSumAdjustmentValue) 
 public  void setCreated(Calendar createdValue) 
 public  void setFlags(int flagsValue) 
 public  void setFontDirectionHint(short fontDirectionHintValue) 
 public  void setFontRevision(float fontRevisionValue) 
 public  void setGlyphDataFormat(short glyphDataFormatValue) 
 public  void setIndexToLocFormat(short indexToLocFormatValue) 
 public  void setLowestRecPPEM(int lowestRecPPEMValue) 
 public  void setMacStyle(int macStyleValue) 
 public  void setMagicNumber(long magicNumberValue) 
 public  void setModified(Calendar modifiedValue) 
 public  void setUnitsPerEm(int unitsPerEmValue) 
 public  void setVersion(float versionValue) 
 public  void setXMax(short maxValue) 
 public  void setXMin(short minValue) 
 public  void setYMax(short maxValue) 
 public  void setYMin(short minValue)