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public class: IndexToLocationTable [javadoc | source]
A table in a true type font.
Field Summary
public static final  String TAG    A tag that identifies this table type. 
Method from org.apache.fontbox.ttf.IndexToLocationTable Summary:
getOffsets,   initData,   setOffsets
Methods from org.apache.fontbox.ttf.TTFTable:
getCheckSum,   getLength,   getOffset,   getTag,   initData,   setCheckSum,   setLength,   setOffset,   setTag
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Method from org.apache.fontbox.ttf.IndexToLocationTable Detail:
 public long[] getOffsets() 
 public  void initData(TrueTypeFont ttf,
    TTFDataStream data) throws IOException 
    This will read the required data from the stream.
 public  void setOffsets(long[] offsetsValue)