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abstract public class: TTFDataStream [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    RAFDataStream, MemoryTTFDataStream

An interface into a data stream.
Method from org.apache.fontbox.ttf.TTFDataStream Summary:
close,   getCurrentPosition,   getOriginalData,   read,   read,   read,   read32Fixed,   readInternationalDate,   readLong,   readSignedByte,   readSignedShort,   readString,   readString,   readUnsignedInt,   readUnsignedShort,   readUnsignedShortArray,   seek
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Method from org.apache.fontbox.ttf.TTFDataStream Detail:
 abstract public  void close() throws IOException
    Close the underlying resources.
 abstract public long getCurrentPosition() throws IOException
    Get the current position in the stream.
 abstract public InputStream getOriginalData() throws IOException
    This will get the original data file that was used for this stream.
 abstract public int read() throws IOException
    Read an unsigned byte.
 public byte[] read(int numberOfBytes) throws IOException 
    Read a specific number of bytes from the stream.
 abstract public int read(byte[] b,
    int off,
    int len) throws IOException
 public float read32Fixed() throws IOException 
    Read a 16.16 fixed value, where the first 16 bits are the decimal and the last 16 bits are the fraction.
 public Calendar readInternationalDate() throws IOException 
    Read an eight byte international date.
 abstract public long readLong() throws IOException
    Read an unsigned byte.
 public int readSignedByte() throws IOException 
    Read a signed byte.
 abstract public short readSignedShort() throws IOException
    Read an signed short.
 public String readString(int length) throws IOException 
    Read a fixed length ascii string.
 public String readString(int length,
    String charset) throws IOException 
    Read a fixed length ascii string.
 public long readUnsignedInt() throws IOException 
    Read an unsigned integer.
 abstract public int readUnsignedShort() throws IOException
    Read an unsigned short.
 public int[] readUnsignedShortArray(int length) throws IOException 
    Read an unsigned short array.
 abstract public  void seek(long pos) throws IOException
    Seek into the datasource.