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public class: TrueTypeFont [javadoc | source]
A class to hold true type font information.
 TrueTypeFont(TTFDataStream fontData) 
    Constructor. Clients should use the TTFParser to create a new TrueTypeFont object.
    fontData - The font data.
Method from org.apache.fontbox.ttf.TrueTypeFont Summary:
addTable,   close,   getCMAP,   getGlyph,   getHeader,   getHorizontalHeader,   getHorizontalMetrics,   getIndexToLocation,   getMaximumProfile,   getNaming,   getOS2Windows,   getOriginalData,   getPostScript,   getTables,   getVersion,   setVersion
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Method from org.apache.fontbox.ttf.TrueTypeFont Detail:
 public  void addTable(TTFTable table) 
    Add a table definition.
 public  void close() throws IOException 
    Close the underlying resources.
 public CMAPTable getCMAP() 
    Get the cmap table for this TTF.
 public GlyphTable getGlyph() 
    Get the glyf table for this TTF.
 public HeaderTable getHeader() 
    Get the head table for this TTF.
 public HorizontalHeaderTable getHorizontalHeader() 
    Get the hhea table for this TTF.
 public HorizontalMetricsTable getHorizontalMetrics() 
    Get the hmtx table for this TTF.
 public IndexToLocationTable getIndexToLocation() 
    Get the loca table for this TTF.
 public MaximumProfileTable getMaximumProfile() 
    Get the maxp table for this TTF.
 public NamingTable getNaming() 
    This will get the naming table for the true type font.
 public OS2WindowsMetricsTable getOS2Windows() 
    Get the OS/2 table for this TTF.
 public InputStream getOriginalData() throws IOException 
    This permit to get the data of the True Type Font program representing the stream used to build this object (normally from the TTFParser object).
 public PostScriptTable getPostScript() 
    Get the postscript table for this TTF.
 public Collection<TTFTable> getTables() 
    Get all of the tables.
 public float getVersion() 
 public  void setVersion(float versionValue)