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public class: Thumbnail [javadoc | source]
This class represents a thumbnail datatype.
Field Summary
public static final  String FORMAT_JPEG    A supported thumnail format. 
protected  Element parent    The DOM representation of this object. 
 public Thumbnail(XMPMetadata metadata) 
    Create a new thumbnail element.
    metadata - The metadata document that his thumbnail will be part of.
 public Thumbnail(Element parentElement) 
    Create a thumnail based on a parent property set.
    parentElement - The parent element that will store the thumbnail properties.
Method from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.Thumbnail Summary:
getElement,   getFormat,   getHeight,   getImage,   getWidth,   setFormat,   setHeight,   setImage,   setWidth
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Method from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.Thumbnail Detail:
 public Element getElement() 
    Get the underlying XML element.
 public String getFormat() 
    Get the format of the thumbnail. See FORMAT_XXX constants.
 public Integer getHeight() 
    Get the height of the image in pixels.
 public String getImage() 
    Get the image data in base 64 encoding.
 public Integer getWidth() 
    Get the width of the image in pixels.
 public  void setFormat(String format) 
    Set the format of the thumbnail, currently only JPEG is supported. See FORMAT_XXX constants.
 public  void setHeight(Integer height) 
    Set the height of the element.
 public  void setImage(String image) 
    Set the image data in base 64 encoding.
 public  void setWidth(Integer width) 
    Set the width of the element.