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public class: XMPSchemaBasic [javadoc | source]
Define XMP properties that are common to all schemas.
Field Summary
public static final  String NAMESPACE    The namespace of this schema. 
Fields inherited from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchema:
NS_NAMESPACE,  prefix,  schema
 public XMPSchemaBasic(XMPMetadata parent) 
    Construct a new blank PDF schema.
    parent - The parent metadata schema that this will be part of.
 public XMPSchemaBasic(Element element,
    String prefix) 
    Constructor from existing XML element.
    element - The existing element.
    prefix - The schema prefix.
Method from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchemaBasic Summary:
addAdvisory,   addIdentifier,   getAdvisories,   getBaseURL,   getCreateDate,   getCreatorTool,   getIdentifiers,   getLabel,   getMetadataDate,   getModifyDate,   getNickname,   getRating,   getThumbnail,   getThumbnail,   getThumbnailLanguages,   getTitle,   removeAdvisory,   removeIdentifier,   setBaseURL,   setCreateDate,   setCreatorTool,   setLabel,   setMetadataDate,   setModifyDate,   setNickname,   setRating,   setThumbnail,   setThumbnail,   setTitle
Methods from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchema:
addBagValue,   addSequenceDateValue,   addSequenceValue,   addSequenceValue,   getAbout,   getBagList,   getBooleanProperty,   getDateProperty,   getElement,   getEventSequenceList,   getIntegerProperty,   getLanguageProperty,   getLanguagePropertyLanguages,   getSequenceDateList,   getSequenceList,   getTextProperty,   getThumbnailProperty,   merge,   removeBagValue,   removeSequenceDateValue,   removeSequenceValue,   removeSequenceValue,   setAbout,   setBooleanProperty,   setDateProperty,   setIntegerProperty,   setLanguageProperty,   setTextProperty,   setThumbnailProperty
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Method from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchemaBasic Detail:
 public  void addAdvisory(String advisory) 
    Add an advisory to the list.
 public  void addIdentifier(String id) 
    Add a new identifier for this resource.
 public List<String> getAdvisories() 
    Get the complete list of advisories.
 public String getBaseURL() 
    Get the base URL of the resource.
 public Calendar getCreateDate() throws IOException 
    Get the creation date of the resource.
 public String getCreatorTool() 
    Get the tool that created this resource, in the form of "vendor app version", ie "Adobe Acrobat Distiller 5.0".
 public List<String> getIdentifiers() 
    Get the complete list of identifiers.
 public String getLabel() 
    Get the short phrase that describes this resource.
 public Calendar getMetadataDate() throws IOException 
    Get the metadata change date for this resource.
 public Calendar getModifyDate() throws IOException 
    Get the date the resource was last modified.
 public String getNickname() 
    Get the short informal name for this resource.
 public Integer getRating() 
    Get a number that indicates the documents status.
 public Thumbnail getThumbnail() 
    Get the default value for the thumbnail.
 public Thumbnail getThumbnail(String language) 
    Get the thumbnail in a specific language.
 public List<String> getThumbnailLanguages() 
    Get a list of all languages that a thumbnail exists for.
 public String getTitle() 
    Get the title for this resource.
 public  void removeAdvisory(String advisory) 
    Remove an Advisory xpath expression.
 public  void removeIdentifier(String id) 
    Remove an identifier to this resource.
 public  void setBaseURL(String url) 
    The base URL of the resource, for relative URLs in the document.
 public  void setCreateDate(Calendar date) 
    Set the creation date of the resource.
 public  void setCreatorTool(String creator) 
    The creator tool for the resource. In the form of "vendor app version", ie "Adobe Acrobat Distiller 5.0"
 public  void setLabel(String label) 
    Set a short phrase that identifies this resource.
 public  void setMetadataDate(Calendar date) 
    Set the date that any metadata was updated.
 public  void setModifyDate(Calendar date) 
    Set the date that the resource was last modified.
 public  void setNickname(String nickname) 
    Set a short informal name for the resource.
 public  void setRating(Integer rating) 
    Set the document status.
 public  void setThumbnail(Thumbnail thumbnail) 
    Set the default value for the thumbnail.
 public  void setThumbnail(String language,
    Thumbnail thumbnail) 
    Set the thumbnail of this resource in a specific language.
 public  void setTitle(String title) 
    Set a Title for this resource.