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public class: XMPSchemaIptc4xmpCore [javadoc | source]
Define XMP properties used with IPTC specification.
Field Summary
public static final  String NAMESPACE    The namespace for this schema. 
Fields inherited from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchema:
NS_NAMESPACE,  prefix,  schema
 public XMPSchemaIptc4xmpCore(XMPMetadata metadata) 
    Construct a new blank IPTC schema.
    metadata - The parent metadata schema that this will be part of.
 public XMPSchemaIptc4xmpCore(Element element,
    String aPrefix) 
    Constructor from an existing element.
    element - The XML element.
    aPrefix - The XML prefix; Iptc4xmpCore.
Method from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchemaIptc4xmpCore Summary:
addScene,   addSubjectCode,   getCiAdrCity,   getCiAdrCtry,   getCiAdrExtadr,   getCiAdrPcode,   getCiAdrRegion,   getCiEmailWork,   getCiTelWork,   getCiUrlWork,   getCountryCode,   getIntellectualGenre,   getLocation,   getScenes,   getSubjectCodes,   setCiAdrCity,   setCiAdrCtry,   setCiAdrExtadr,   setCiAdrPcode,   setCiAdrRegion,   setCiEmailWork,   setCiTelWork,   setCiUrlWork,   setCountryCode,   setIntellectualGenre,   setLocation
Methods from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchema:
addBagValue,   addSequenceDateValue,   addSequenceValue,   addSequenceValue,   getAbout,   getBagList,   getBooleanProperty,   getDateProperty,   getElement,   getEventSequenceList,   getIntegerProperty,   getLanguageProperty,   getLanguagePropertyLanguages,   getSequenceDateList,   getSequenceList,   getTextProperty,   getThumbnailProperty,   merge,   removeBagValue,   removeSequenceDateValue,   removeSequenceValue,   removeSequenceValue,   setAbout,   setBooleanProperty,   setDateProperty,   setIntegerProperty,   setLanguageProperty,   setTextProperty,   setThumbnailProperty
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Method from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchemaIptc4xmpCore Detail:
 public  void addScene(String scene) 
    The IPTC scene.
 public  void addSubjectCode(String subject) 
    Add IPTC subject code.
 public String getCiAdrCity() 
    Contact Info Address City.
 public String getCiAdrCtry() 
    Contact Info country.
 public String getCiAdrExtadr() 
    Contact Info Extended Address(company name).
 public String getCiAdrPcode() 
    Postal code.
 public String getCiAdrRegion() 
    Postal region or state.
 public String getCiEmailWork() 
    Work email.
 public String getCiTelWork() 
    Work Telephone.
 public String getCiUrlWork() 
    Work URL.
 public String getCountryCode() 
    ISO Country Code.
 public String getIntellectualGenre() 
    Nature of a news object.
 public String getLocation() 
    Name of location that the content is focussing on.
 public List<String> getScenes() 
    A list of all the scenes.
 public List<String> getSubjectCodes() 
    Get a list of all IPTC subject codes.
 public  void setCiAdrCity(String city) 
    Contact Info Address City.
 public  void setCiAdrCtry(String country) 
    Contact Info country.
 public  void setCiAdrExtadr(String adr) 
    Contact Info Extended Address(company name).
 public  void setCiAdrPcode(String po) 
    Postal code.
 public  void setCiAdrRegion(String state) 
    Postal region or state.
 public  void setCiEmailWork(String email) 
    Work email.
 public  void setCiTelWork(String tel) 
    Work telephone.
 public  void setCiUrlWork(String url) 
    Work URL.
 public  void setCountryCode(String code) 
    ISO Country Code.
 public  void setIntellectualGenre(String genre) 
    Nature of a news object.
 public  void setLocation(String loc) 
    Name of location that the content is focussing on.