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public class: XMPSchemaPhotoshop [javadoc | source]
Define XMP properties used with Adobe Photoshop documents.
Field Summary
public static final  String NAMESPACE    The namespace for this schema. 
Fields inherited from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchema:
NS_NAMESPACE,  prefix,  schema
 public XMPSchemaPhotoshop(XMPMetadata parent) 
    Construct a new blank Photoshop schema.
    parent - The parent metadata schema that this will be part of.
 public XMPSchemaPhotoshop(Element element,
    String aPrefix) 
    Constructor for existing XML element.
    element - The XML element.
    aPrefix - The XML prefix; photoshop.
Method from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchemaPhotoshop Summary:
addSupplementalCategory,   getAuthorsPosition,   getCaptionWriter,   getCategory,   getCity,   getCountry,   getCredit,   getDateCreated,   getHeadline,   getInstructions,   getSource,   getState,   getSupplementalCategories,   getTransmissionReference,   getUrgency,   removeSupplementalCategory,   setAuthorsPosition,   setCaptionWriter,   setCategory,   setCity,   setCountry,   setCredit,   setDateCreated,   setHeadline,   setInstructions,   setSource,   setState,   setTransmissionReference,   setUrgency
Methods from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchema:
addBagValue,   addSequenceDateValue,   addSequenceValue,   addSequenceValue,   getAbout,   getBagList,   getBooleanProperty,   getDateProperty,   getElement,   getEventSequenceList,   getIntegerProperty,   getLanguageProperty,   getLanguagePropertyLanguages,   getSequenceDateList,   getSequenceList,   getTextProperty,   getThumbnailProperty,   merge,   removeBagValue,   removeSequenceDateValue,   removeSequenceValue,   removeSequenceValue,   setAbout,   setBooleanProperty,   setDateProperty,   setIntegerProperty,   setLanguageProperty,   setTextProperty,   setThumbnailProperty
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Method from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchemaPhotoshop Detail:
 public  void addSupplementalCategory(String s) 
    Add a new supplemental category.
 public String getAuthorsPosition() 
    By-line title.
 public String getCaptionWriter() 
 public String getCategory() 
    The category.
 public String getCity() 
    The city.
 public String getCountry() 
    The country.
 public String getCredit() 
    The credit property.
 public String getDateCreated() 
    Creation date.
 public String getHeadline() 
 public String getInstructions() 
    The instructions.
 public String getSource() 
    The source.
 public String getState() 
    The state.
 public List<String> getSupplementalCategories() 
    Get a list of all supplemental categories.
 public String getTransmissionReference() 
    The transmission reference.
 public Integer getUrgency() 
    The urgency.
 public  void removeSupplementalCategory(String s) 
    Remove a supplemental category.
 public  void setAuthorsPosition(String s) 
    By-line title.
 public  void setCaptionWriter(String s) 
 public  void setCategory(String s) 
    Category; limited to 3 7-bit characters.
 public  void setCity(String s) 
    The city.
 public  void setCountry(String s) 
    The country.
 public  void setCredit(String s) 
 public  void setDateCreated(String s) 
    Date created; creation date of the source document which may be earlier than the digital representation.
 public  void setHeadline(String s) 
    The headline.
 public  void setInstructions(String s) 
 public  void setSource(String s) 
    The source.
 public  void setState(String s) 
    The state.
 public  void setTransmissionReference(String s) 
    The transmission reference.
 public  void setUrgency(Integer s) 
    The urgency.