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public class: XMPSchemaRightsManagement [javadoc | source]
Define XMP properties that are related to rights management.
Field Summary
public static final  String NAMESPACE    The namespace for this schema. 
Fields inherited from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchema:
NS_NAMESPACE,  prefix,  schema
 public XMPSchemaRightsManagement(XMPMetadata parent) 
    Construct a new blank PDF schema.
    parent - The parent metadata schema that this will be part of.
 public XMPSchemaRightsManagement(Element element,
    String prefix) 
    Constructor from existing XML element.
    element - The existing element.
    prefix - The schema prefix.
Method from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchemaRightsManagement Summary:
addOwner,   getCertificateURL,   getCopyright,   getMarked,   getOwners,   getUsageTerms,   getUsageTerms,   getUsageTermsLanguages,   getWebStatement,   removeOwner,   setCertificateURL,   setCopyright,   setDescription,   setMarked,   setUsageTerms,   setWebStatement
Methods from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchema:
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Method from org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPSchemaRightsManagement Detail:
 public  void addOwner(String owner) 
    Add an owner to the list.
 public String getCertificateURL() 
    Get the URL of the rights managment certificate.
 public String getCopyright() 
    Get the copyright information.
 public Boolean getMarked() 
    Get the flag that indicates if this is a marked resource..
 public List<String> getOwners() 
    Get the complete list of legal owners.
 public String getUsageTerms() 
    Get the default usage terms for the document.
 public String getUsageTerms(String language) 
    Get the usage terms in a specific language.
 public List<String> getUsageTermsLanguages() 
    Get a list of all languages that a usage term exists for.
 public String getWebStatement() 
    Get the URL that describes the terms of this resource.
 public  void removeOwner(String owner) 
    Remove an owner from the list.
 public  void setCertificateURL(String certificate) 
    The online rights management certificate.
 public  void setCopyright(String copyright) 
    Set the copyright information.
 public  void setDescription(String language,
    String terms) 
    Set the usage terms of this resource in a specific language.
 public  void setMarked(Boolean marked) 
    Flag indicating if this is a rights managed resource.
 public  void setUsageTerms(String terms) 
    Set the default usage terms for this resource.
 public  void setWebStatement(String webStatement) 
    Set the external link that describes the owners/rights of this resource.