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public class: PDMarkedContent [javadoc | source]
A marked content.
 public PDMarkedContent(COSName tag,
    COSDictionary properties) 
    Creates a new marked content object.
    tag - the tag
    properties - the properties
Method from org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.documentinterchange.markedcontent.PDMarkedContent Summary:
addMarkedContent,   addText,   addXObject,   getActualText,   getAlternateDescription,   getContents,   getExpandedForm,   getLanguage,   getMCID,   getProperties,   getTag,   toString
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Method from org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.documentinterchange.markedcontent.PDMarkedContent Detail:
 public  void addMarkedContent(PDMarkedContent markedContent) 
    Adds a marked content to the contents.
 public  void addText(TextPosition text) 
    Adds a text position to the contents.
 public  void addXObject(PDXObject xobject) 
    Adds an XObject to the contents.
 public String getActualText() 
    Gets the actual text (ActualText).
 public String getAlternateDescription() 
    Gets the alternate description (Alt).
 public List<Object> getContents() 
 public String getExpandedForm() 
    Gets the expanded form (E).
 public String getLanguage() 
    Gets the language (Lang).
 public int getMCID() 
    Gets the marked-content identifier.
 public COSDictionary getProperties() 
    Gets the properties.
 public String getTag() 
    Gets the tag.
 public String toString()