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public class: SecurityHandlersManager [javadoc | source]
This class manages security handlers for the application. It follows the singleton pattern. To be usable, security managers must be registered in it. Security managers are retrieved by the application when necessary.
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getInstance,   getSecurityHandler,   getSecurityHandler,   registerHandler
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Method from org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.encryption.SecurityHandlersManager Detail:
 public static SecurityHandlersManager getInstance() 
    Get the singleton instance.
 public SecurityHandler getSecurityHandler(ProtectionPolicy policy) throws BadSecurityHandlerException 
    Get the security handler for the protection policy.
 public SecurityHandler getSecurityHandler(String filterName) throws BadSecurityHandlerException 
    Retrieve the appropriate SecurityHandler for a the given filter name. The filter name is an entry of the encryption dictionary of an encrypted document.
 public  void registerHandler(String filterName,
    Class securityHandlerClass,
    Class protectionPolicyClass) throws BadSecurityHandlerException 
    register a security handler. If the security handler was already registered an exception is thrown. If another handler was previously registered for the same filter name or for the same policy name, an exception is thrown