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public class: PDColorState [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This class represents a color space and the color value for that colorspace.
 public PDColorState() 
 public PDColorState(COSArray csValues) 
    Constructor with an existing color set. Default colorspace is PDDeviceGray.
    csValues - The color space values.
Method from org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.graphics.color.PDColorState Summary:
clone,   getCOSColorSpaceValue,   getColorSpace,   getColorSpaceValue,   getJavaColor,   setColorSpace,   setColorSpaceValue,   setIccOverrideColor
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Method from org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.graphics.color.PDColorState Detail:
 public Object clone() 
 public COSArray getCOSColorSpaceValue() 
    This will get the color space values. Either 1 for gray or 3 for RGB.
 public PDColorSpace getColorSpace() 
    This will get the current colorspace.
 public float[] getColorSpaceValue() 
    This will get the color space values. Either 1 for gray or 3 for RGB.
 public Color getJavaColor() throws IOException 
    Returns the Java AWT color based on the current color space and value.
 public  void setColorSpace(PDColorSpace value) 
    This will set the current colorspace.
 public  void setColorSpaceValue(float[] value) 
    This will update the colorspace values.
 public static  void setIccOverrideColor(Color color) 
    Sets the default color to replace all colors in ICC color spaces . This will work around a potential JVM crash caused by broken native ICC color manipulation code in the Sun class libraries.

    The default override can be specified by setting the color code in org.apache.pdfbox.ICC_override_color system property (see Color#getColor(String) . If this system property is not specified, then the override is not enabled unless this method is explicitly called.