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public class: PDPixelMap [javadoc | source]

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This class contains a PixelMap Image.
Fields inherited from org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.graphics.xobject.PDXObjectImage:
 public PDPixelMap(PDStream pdStream) 
    Standard constructor. Basically does nothing.
    pdStream - The stream that holds the pixel map.
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getDecodeParams,   getPredictor,   getRGBImage,   write2OutputStream
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getBitsPerComponent,   getColorSpace,   getHeight,   getImageMask,   getRGBImage,   getSuffix,   getWidth,   setBitsPerComponent,   setColorSpace,   setGraphicsState,   setHeight,   setWidth,   write2OutputStream,   write2file,   write2file
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createXObject,   getCOSObject,   getCOSStream,   getMetadata,   getPDStream,   setMetadata
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Method from org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.graphics.xobject.PDPixelMap Detail:
 public COSDictionary getDecodeParams() 
    DecodeParms is an optional parameter for filters. It is provided if any of the filters has nondefault parameters. If there is only one filter it is a dictionary, if there are multiple filters it is an array with an entry for each filter. An array entry can hold a null value if only the default values are used or a dictionary with parameters.
 public int getPredictor() 
    A code that selects the predictor algorithm.
    • 1 No prediction (the default value)
    • 2 TIFF Predictor 2
    • 10 PNG prediction (on encoding, PNG None on all rows)
    • 11 PNG prediction (on encoding, PNG Sub on all rows)
    • 12 PNG prediction (on encoding, PNG Up on all rows)
    • 13 PNG prediction (on encoding, PNG Average on all rows)
    • 14 PNG prediction (on encoding, PNG Paeth on all rows)
    • 15 PNG prediction (on encoding, PNG optimum)
    Default value: 1.
 public BufferedImage getRGBImage() throws IOException 
 public  void write2OutputStream(OutputStream out) throws IOException 
    Writes the image as .png. {@inheritDoc}