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public class: PDAppearanceCharacteristicsDictionary [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This class represents an appearance characteristics dictionary.
 public PDAppearanceCharacteristicsDictionary(COSDictionary dict) 
    dict - dictionary
Method from org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.interactive.annotation.PDAppearanceCharacteristicsDictionary Summary:
getAlternateCaption,   getAlternateIcon,   getBackground,   getBorderColour,   getCOSObject,   getDictionary,   getNormalCaption,   getNormalIcon,   getRolloverCaption,   getRolloverIcon,   getRotation,   setAlternateCaption,   setBackground,   setBorderColour,   setNormalCaption,   setRolloverCaption,   setRotation
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Method from org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.interactive.annotation.PDAppearanceCharacteristicsDictionary Detail:
 public String getAlternateCaption() 
    This will retrieve the alternate caption.
 public PDXObjectForm getAlternateIcon() 
    This will retrieve the alternate icon.
 public PDGamma getBackground() 
    This will retrieve the background color.
 public PDGamma getBorderColour() 
    This will retrieve the border color.
 public COSBase getCOSObject() 
 public COSDictionary getDictionary() 
    returns the dictionary.
 public String getNormalCaption() 
    This will retrieve the normal caption.
 public PDXObjectForm getNormalIcon() 
    This will retrieve the normal icon.
 public String getRolloverCaption() 
    This will retrieve the rollover caption.
 public PDXObjectForm getRolloverIcon() 
    This will retrieve the rollover icon.
 public int getRotation() 
    This will retrieve the rotation of the annotation widget. It must be a multiple of 90. Default is 0
 public  void setAlternateCaption(String caption) 
    This will set the alternate caption.
 public  void setBackground(PDGamma c) 
    This will set the background color.
 public  void setBorderColour(PDGamma c) 
    This will set the border color.
 public  void setNormalCaption(String caption) 
    This will set the normal caption.
 public  void setRolloverCaption(String caption) 
    This will set the rollover caption.
 public  void setRotation(int rotation) 
    This will set the rotation.