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public class: PDOutlineItem [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This represents an outline in a pdf document.
Fields inherited from org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.interactive.documentnavigation.outline.PDOutlineNode:
 public PDOutlineItem() 
 public PDOutlineItem(COSDictionary dic) 
    Constructor for an existing outline item.
    dic - The storage dictionary.
Method from org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.interactive.documentnavigation.outline.PDOutlineItem Summary:
findDestinationPage,   getAction,   getDestination,   getNextSibling,   getParent,   getPreviousSibling,   getStructureElement,   getTextColor,   getTitle,   insertSiblingAfter,   isBold,   isItalic,   setAction,   setBold,   setDestination,   setDestination,   setItalic,   setNextSibling,   setPreviousSibling,   setStructuredElement,   setTextColor,   setTextColor,   setTitle
Methods from org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.interactive.documentnavigation.outline.PDOutlineNode:
appendChild,   closeNode,   getCOSDictionary,   getCOSObject,   getFirstChild,   getLastChild,   getOpenCount,   getParent,   isNodeOpen,   openNode,   setFirstChild,   setLastChild,   setOpenCount,   setParent,   updateParentOpenCount
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Method from org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.interactive.documentnavigation.outline.PDOutlineItem Detail:
 public PDPage findDestinationPage(PDDocument doc) throws IOException 
    This method will attempt to find the page in this PDF document that this outline points to. If the outline does not point to anything then this method will return null. If the outline is an action that is not a GoTo action then this methods will throw the OutlineNotLocationException
 public PDAction getAction() 
    Get the action of this node.
 public PDDestination getDestination() throws IOException 
    Get the page destination of this node.
 public PDOutlineItem getNextSibling() 
    Return the next sibling or null if there is no next sibling.
 public PDOutlineNode getParent() 
 public PDOutlineItem getPreviousSibling() 
    Return the previous sibling or null if there is no sibling.
 public PDStructureElement getStructureElement() 
    Get the structure element of this node.
 public PDColorState getTextColor() 
    Get the text color of this node. Default is black and this method will never return null.
 public String getTitle() 
    Get the title of this node.
 public  void insertSiblingAfter(PDOutlineItem item) 
    Insert a sibling after this node.
 public boolean isBold() 
    A flag telling if the text should be bold.
 public boolean isItalic() 
    A flag telling if the text should be italic.
 public  void setAction(PDAction action) 
    Set the action for this node.
 public  void setBold(boolean bold) 
    Set the bold property of the text.
 public  void setDestination(PDDestination dest) 
    Set the page destination for this node.
 public  void setDestination(PDPage page) 
    A convenience method that will create an XYZ destination using only the defaults.
 public  void setItalic(boolean italic) 
    Set the italic property of the text.
 protected  void setNextSibling(PDOutlineNode outlineNode) 
    Set the next sibling, this will be maintained by this class.
 protected  void setPreviousSibling(PDOutlineNode outlineNode) 
    Set the previous sibling, this will be maintained by this class.
 public  void setStructuredElement(PDStructureElement structureElement) 
    Set the structure element for this node.
 public  void setTextColor(PDColorState textColor) 
    Set the text color for this node. The colorspace must be a PDDeviceRGB.
 public  void setTextColor(Color textColor) 
    Set the text color for this node. The colorspace must be a PDDeviceRGB.
 public  void setTitle(String title) 
    Set the title for this node.