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public class: PDAppearance [javadoc | source]
This one took me a while, but i'm proud to say that it handles the appearance of a textbox. This allows you to apply a value to a field in the document and handle the appearance so that the value is actually visible too. The problem was described by Ben Litchfield, the author of the example: org.apache.pdfbox.examlpes.fdf.ImportFDF. So Ben, here is the solution.
 public PDAppearance(PDAcroForm theAcroForm,
    PDVariableText field) throws IOException 
    Constructs a COSAppearnce from the given field.
    theAcroForm - the acro form that this field is part of.
    field - the field which you wish to control the appearance of
    IOException - If there is an error creating the appearance.
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Method from org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.interactive.form.PDAppearance Detail:
 public  void setAppearanceValue(String apValue) throws IOException 
    This is the public method for setting the appearance stream.