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Sub Packages:



EnterpriseBeanMarker   Marker interface for enterprise beans.  code | html
IBeanHasParent     code | html
InjectionTargetBean   Defines contract for beans that coud have observable method.  code | html
JmsBeanMarker     code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractBean   Abstract implementation of the BaseBean contract.  code | html
AbstractInjectionTargetBean   Abstract class for owning observer methods.  code | html
AbstractProducerBean   Abstract class for producer components.  code | html
BaseBean   OWB specific extension of the Bean interface.  code | html


WebBeansType   There are different Web Beans Component with regard to the definition.  code | html
BeanManagerBean     code | html
ConversationBean     code | html
EventBean   Implicit observable bean definition.  code | html
ExtensionBean   Extension service bean definition.  code | html
InjectionPointBean     code | html
InstanceBean     code | html
ManagedBean   Managed bean implementation of the Bean code | html
NewBean   Component definition with New binding annotation.  code | html
ProducerFieldBean   Defines the producer field component implementation.  code | html