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OpenWebBeansEjbPlugin   Session bean related plugin contract.  code | html
OpenWebBeansJmsPlugin     code | html

Interface which all OpenWebBeans plugins has to implement to extend the webbeans-core with additional IOC functionality.

There are 4 different types of functions for this interface:

  1. plugin lifecycle like {@code #startUp()} and {@code #shutDown()}
  2. check functions which will be called when a class is scanned like {@code #isSimpleBeanClass(Class)}
  3. injection preparation functions will be called once when the bean is being scanned like TODO
  4. injection execution will be called every time a been get's injected like {@code #injectResource(Type, Annotation[])}
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OpenWebBeansResourcePlugin     code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractOpenWebBeansPlugin   Abstract imlpementation of the OpenWebBeansPlugin interface contract.  code | html



OpenWebBeans plugins are used to extend 'core' functionality of the injection mechanism with functionality of other frameworks.

Core functionality are all parts which are available in a standard JDK-1.5 SE runtime. 

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