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Sub Packages:



XMLContentSpec.Provider   Provides a means for walking the structure built out of content spec "nodes".  code | html
XMLDTDValidatorFilter   Defines a DTD Validator filter to allow components to query the DTD validator.  code | html



A DTD grammar that produces balanced syntax trees.

code | html
DTDGrammar   A DTD grammar.  code | html
DTDGrammar.ChildrenList   Children list for contentSpecTree method.  code | html
DTDGrammar.QNameHashtable   A simple Hashtable implementation that takes a tuple (String, String) as the key and a int as value.  code | html
DTDGrammarBucket   This very simple class is the skeleton of what the DTDValidator could use to store various grammars that it gets from the GrammarPool.  code | html
XML11DTDProcessor   This class extends XMLDTDProcessor by giving it the ability to parse XML 1.1 documents correctly.  code | html
XML11DTDValidator   This allows the validator to correctlyhandle XML 1.1 documents.  code | html
XML11NSDTDValidator   The DTD validator.  code | html
XMLAttributeDecl     code | html
XMLContentSpec   ContentSpec really exists to aid the parser classes in implementing access to the grammar.  code | html
XMLDTDDescription   All information specific to DTD grammars.  code | html
XMLDTDLoader   The DTD loader.  code | html
XMLDTDProcessor   The DTD processor.  code | html
XMLDTDValidator   The DTD validator.  code | html
XMLElementDecl     code | html
XMLEntityDecl     code | html
XMLNSDTDValidator   The DTD validator.  code | html
XMLNotationDecl     code | html
XMLSimpleType     code | html