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Sub Packages:



DatatypeValidator   The interface that a DTD datatype must implement.  code | html
ValidationContext   ValidationContext has all the information required for the validation of: id, idref, entity, notation, qname  code | html
XSSimpleType   This interface XSSimpleType represents the simple type definition of schema component and defines methods to query the information contained.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

DTDDVFactory   The factory to create and return DTD types.  code | html
SchemaDVFactory   Defines a factory API that enables applications to


code | html


DVFactoryException   A runtime exception that's thrown if an error happens when the application tries to get a DV factory instance.  code | html
DatatypeException   Base class for datatype exceptions.  code | html
InvalidDatatypeFacetException   Datatype exception for invalid facet.  code | html
InvalidDatatypeValueException   Datatype exception for invalid values.  code | html
ObjectFactory   This class is duplicated for each JAXP subpackage so keep it in sync.  code | html
ObjectFactory.ConfigurationError   A configuration error.  code | html
SecuritySupport   This class is duplicated for each subpackage so keep it in sync.  code | html
SecuritySupport12   This class is duplicated for each JAXP subpackage so keep it in sync.  code | html
ValidatedInfo   Class to get the information back after content is validated.  code | html
XSFacets   The class used to pass all facets to XSSimpleType#applyFacets code | html