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AdditionalInformationSyntax   Some other information of non-restrictive nature regarding the usage of this certificate.  code | html
AdmissionSyntax   Attribute to indicate admissions to certain professions.  code | html
Admissions   An Admissions structure.  code | html
DeclarationOfMajority   A declaration of majority.  code | html
MonetaryLimit   Monetary limit for transactions.  code | html
NamingAuthority   Names of authorities which are responsible for the administration of title registers.  code | html
ProcurationSyntax   Attribute to indicate that the certificate holder may sign in the name of a third person.  code | html
ProfessionInfo   Professions, specializations, disciplines, fields of activity, etc.  code | html
Restriction   Some other restriction regarding the usage of this certificate.  code | html