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Sub Packages:

org.bouncycastle.asn1.x509.qualified   Support classes useful for encoding and processing messages based around RFC3739  


X509ObjectIdentifiers     code | html

Abstract Classes:

X509NameEntryConverter   It turns out that the number of standard ways the fields in a DN should be encoded into their ASN.1 counterparts is rapidly approaching the number of machines on the internet.  code | html


AccessDescription   The AccessDescription object.  code | html
AlgorithmIdentifier     code | html
AttCertIssuer     code | html
AttCertValidityPeriod     code | html
Attribute     code | html
AttributeCertificate     code | html
AttributeCertificateInfo     code | html
AuthorityInformationAccess   The AuthorityInformationAccess object.  code | html
AuthorityKeyIdentifier   The AuthorityKeyIdentifier object.  code | html
BasicConstraints     code | html
CRLDistPoint     code | html
CRLNumber   The CRLNumber object.  code | html
CRLReason   The CRLReason enumeration.  code | html
CertPolicyId   CertPolicyId, used in the CertificatePolicies and PolicyMappings X509V3 Extensions.  code | html
CertificateList   PKIX RFC-2459 The X.509 v2 CRL syntax is as follows.  code | html
CertificatePair   This class helps to support crossCerfificatePairs in a LDAP directory according RFC 2587
WITH SYNTAX CertificatePair
EQUALITY MATCHING RULE certificatePairExactMatch
ID joint-iso-ccitt(2) ds(5) attributeType(4) crossCertificatePair(40)}
The forward elements of the crossCertificatePair attribute of a CA's directory entry shall be used to store all, except self-issued certificates issued to this CA. 
code | html
CertificatePolicies     code | html
DSAParameter     code | html
DigestInfo   The DigestInfo object.  code | html
DisplayText   DisplayText class, used in CertificatePolicies X509 V3 extensions (in policy qualifiers).  code | html
DistributionPoint   The DistributionPoint object.  code | html
DistributionPointName   The DistributionPointName object.  code | html
ExtendedKeyUsage   The extendedKeyUsage object.  code | html
GeneralName   The GeneralName object.  code | html
GeneralNames     code | html
GeneralSubtree   Class for containing a restriction object subtrees in NameConstraints.  code | html
Holder   The Holder object.  code | html
IetfAttrSyntax   Implementation of IetfAttrSyntax as specified by RFC3281.  code | html
IssuerSerial     code | html
IssuingDistributionPoint ::= SEQUENCE {
distributionPoint [0] DistributionPointName OPTIONAL,
onlyContainsUserCerts [1] BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE,
onlyContainsCACerts [2] BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE,
onlySomeReasons [3] ReasonFlags OPTIONAL,
onlyContainsAttributeCerts [5] BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE }
code | html
KeyPurposeId   The KeyPurposeId object.  code | html
KeyUsage   The KeyUsage object.  code | html
NameConstraints     code | html
NoticeReference   NoticeReference class, used in CertificatePolicies X509 V3 extensions (in policy qualifiers).  code | html
ObjectDigestInfo   ObjectDigestInfo ASN.1 structure used in v2 attribute certificates.  code | html
PolicyInformation     code | html
PolicyMappings   PolicyMappings V3 extension, described in RFC3280.  code | html
PolicyQualifierId   PolicyQualifierId, used in the CertificatePolicies X509V3 extension.  code | html
PolicyQualifierInfo   Policy qualifiers, used in the X509V3 CertificatePolicies extension.  code | html
PrivateKeyUsagePeriod ::= SEQUENCE {
notBefore [0] GeneralizedTime OPTIONAL,
notAfter [1] GeneralizedTime OPTIONAL }
code | html
RSAPublicKeyStructure     code | html
ReasonFlags   The ReasonFlags object.  code | html
RoleSyntax   Implementation of the RoleSyntax object as specified by the RFC3281.  code | html
SubjectDirectoryAttributes   This extension may contain further X.500 attributes of the subject.  code | html
SubjectKeyIdentifier   The SubjectKeyIdentifier object.  code | html
SubjectPublicKeyInfo   The object that contains the public key stored in a certficate.  code | html
TBSCertList   PKIX RFC-2459 - TBSCertList object.  code | html
TBSCertList.CRLEntry     code | html
TBSCertList.EmptyEnumeration     code | html
TBSCertList.RevokedCertificatesEnumeration     code | html
TBSCertificateStructure   The TBSCertificate object.  code | html
Target   Target structure used in target information extension for attribute certificates from RFC 3281.  code | html
TargetInformation   Target information extension for attributes certificates according to RFC 3281.  code | html
Targets   Targets structure used in target information extension for attribute certificates from RFC 3281.  code | html
Time     code | html
UserNotice   UserNotice class, used in CertificatePolicies X509 extensions (in policy qualifiers).  code | html
V1TBSCertificateGenerator   Generator for Version 1 TBSCertificateStructures.  code | html
V2AttributeCertificateInfoGenerator   Generator for Version 2 AttributeCertificateInfo
AttributeCertificateInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
version AttCertVersion -- version is v2,
holder Holder,
issuer AttCertIssuer,
signature AlgorithmIdentifier,
serialNumber CertificateSerialNumber,
attrCertValidityPeriod AttCertValidityPeriod,
attributes SEQUENCE OF Attribute,
issuerUniqueID UniqueIdentifier OPTIONAL,
extensions Extensions OPTIONAL
code | html
V2Form     code | html
V2TBSCertListGenerator   Generator for Version 2 TBSCertList structures.  code | html
V3TBSCertificateGenerator   Generator for Version 3 TBSCertificateStructures.  code | html
X509Attributes     code | html
X509CertificateStructure   an X509Certificate structure.  code | html
X509DefaultEntryConverter   The default converter for X509 DN entries when going from their string value to ASN.1 strings.  code | html
X509Extension   an object for the elements in the X.509 V3 extension block.  code | html
X509Extensions     code | html
X509ExtensionsGenerator   Generator for X.509 extensions  code | html
RDNSequence ::= SEQUENCE OF RelativeDistinguishedName

RelativeDistinguishedName ::= SET SIZE (1..MAX) OF AttributeTypeAndValue

AttributeTypeAndValue ::= SEQUENCE {
value ANY }
code | html
X509NameTokenizer   class for breaking up an X500 Name into it's component tokens, ala java.util.StringTokenizer.  code | html