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public interface: AsymmetricBlockCipher [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    ISO9796d1Encoding, NaccacheSternEngine, OAEPEncoding, RSAEngine, RSABlindedEngine, PKCS1Encoding, ElGamalEngine, RSABlindingEngine

base interface that a public/private key block cipher needs to conform to.
Method from org.bouncycastle.crypto.AsymmetricBlockCipher Summary:
getInputBlockSize,   getOutputBlockSize,   init,   processBlock
Method from org.bouncycastle.crypto.AsymmetricBlockCipher Detail:
 public int getInputBlockSize()
    returns the largest size an input block can be.
 public int getOutputBlockSize()
    returns the maximum size of the block produced by this cipher.
 public  void init(boolean forEncryption,
    CipherParameters param)
    initialise the cipher.
 public byte[] processBlock(byte[] in,
    int inOff,
    int len) throws InvalidCipherTextException
    process the block of len bytes stored in in from offset inOff.