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public class: BufferedAsymmetricBlockCipher [javadoc | source]
a buffer wrapper for an asymmetric block cipher, allowing input to be accumulated in a piecemeal fashion until final processing.
Field Summary
protected  byte[] buf     
protected  int bufOff     
 public BufferedAsymmetricBlockCipher(AsymmetricBlockCipher cipher) 
    base constructor.
    cipher - the cipher this buffering object wraps.
Method from org.bouncycastle.crypto.BufferedAsymmetricBlockCipher Summary:
doFinal,   getBufferPosition,   getInputBlockSize,   getOutputBlockSize,   getUnderlyingCipher,   init,   processByte,   processBytes,   reset
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equals,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.bouncycastle.crypto.BufferedAsymmetricBlockCipher Detail:
 public byte[] doFinal() throws InvalidCipherTextException 
    process the contents of the buffer using the underlying cipher.
 public int getBufferPosition() 
    return the amount of data sitting in the buffer.
 public int getInputBlockSize() 
    returns the largest size an input block can be.
 public int getOutputBlockSize() 
    returns the maximum size of the block produced by this cipher.
 public AsymmetricBlockCipher getUnderlyingCipher() 
    return the underlying cipher for the buffer.
 public  void init(boolean forEncryption,
    CipherParameters params) 
    initialise the buffer and the underlying cipher.
 public  void processByte(byte in) 
    add another byte for processing.
 public  void processBytes(byte[] in,
    int inOff,
    int len) 
    add len bytes to the buffer for processing.
 public  void reset() 
    Reset the buffer and the underlying cipher.