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public interface: Signer [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    TlsRSASigner, ISO9796d2PSSSigner, RSADigestSigner, DSADigestSigner, PSSSigner, GenericSigner, TlsDSSSigner, SignerWithRecovery, ISO9796d2Signer

Generic signer interface for hash based and message recovery signers.
Method from org.bouncycastle.crypto.Signer Summary:
generateSignature,   init,   reset,   update,   update,   verifySignature
Method from org.bouncycastle.crypto.Signer Detail:
 public byte[] generateSignature() throws DataLengthException, CryptoException
    generate a signature for the message we've been loaded with using the key we were initialised with.
 public  void init(boolean forSigning,
    CipherParameters param)
    Initialise the signer for signing or verification.
 public  void reset()
    reset the internal state
 public  void update(byte b)
    update the internal digest with the byte b
 public  void update(byte[] in,
    int off,
    int len)
    update the internal digest with the byte array in
 public boolean verifySignature(byte[] signature)
    return true if the internal state represents the signature described in the passed in array.