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public interface: Wrapper [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    RFC3211WrapEngine, DESedeWrapEngine, RC2WrapEngine, AESWrapEngine, CamelliaWrapEngine, SEEDWrapEngine, RFC3394WrapEngine

Method from org.bouncycastle.crypto.Wrapper Summary:
getAlgorithmName,   init,   unwrap,   wrap
Method from org.bouncycastle.crypto.Wrapper Detail:
 public String getAlgorithmName()
    Return the name of the algorithm the wrapper implements.
 public  void init(boolean forWrapping,
    CipherParameters param)
 public byte[] unwrap(byte[] in,
    int inOff,
    int inLen) throws InvalidCipherTextException
 public byte[] wrap(byte[] in,
    int inOff,
    int inLen)