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Sub Packages:

org.bouncycastle.crypto.agreement   Basic key agreement classes.  
org.bouncycastle.crypto.digests   Message digest classes.  
org.bouncycastle.crypto.engines   Basic cipher classes.  
org.bouncycastle.crypto.generators   Generators for keys, key pairs and password based encryption algorithms.  
org.bouncycastle.crypto.io   Classes for doing "enhanced" I/O with Digests and MACs.  
org.bouncycastle.crypto.macs   Classes for creating MACs and HMACs.  
org.bouncycastle.crypto.modes   Modes for symmetric ciphers.  
org.bouncycastle.crypto.paddings   Paddings for symmetric ciphers.  
org.bouncycastle.crypto.params   Classes for parameter objects for ciphers and generators.  
org.bouncycastle.crypto.prng   Lightweight psuedo-random number generators.  
org.bouncycastle.crypto.signers   Basic signers.  
org.bouncycastle.crypto.tls   A lightweight TLS API.  
org.bouncycastle.crypto.util   Some general utility/conversion classes.  


AsymmetricBlockCipher   base interface that a public/private key block cipher needs to conform to.  code | html
AsymmetricCipherKeyPairGenerator   interface that a public/private key pair generator should conform to.  code | html
BasicAgreement   The basic interface that basic Diffie-Hellman implementations conforms to.  code | html
BlockCipher   Block cipher engines are expected to conform to this interface.  code | html
CipherParameters   all parameter classes implement this.  code | html
DSA   interface for classes implementing algorithms modeled similar to the Digital Signature Alorithm.  code | html
DerivationFunction   base interface for general purpose byte derivation functions.  code | html
DerivationParameters   Parameters for key/byte stream derivation classes  code | html
Digest   interface that a message digest conforms to.  code | html
ExtendedDigest     code | html
Mac   The base interface for implementations of message authentication codes (MACs).  code | html
Signer   Generic signer interface for hash based and message recovery signers.  code | html
SignerWithRecovery   Signer with message recovery.  code | html
StreamCipher   the interface stream ciphers conform to.  code | html
Wrapper     code | html

Abstract Classes:

PBEParametersGenerator   super class for all Password Based Encryption (PBE) parameter generator classes.  code | html


AsymmetricCipherKeyPair   a holding class for public/private parameter pairs.  code | html
BufferedAsymmetricBlockCipher   a buffer wrapper for an asymmetric block cipher, allowing input to be accumulated in a piecemeal fashion until final processing.  code | html
BufferedBlockCipher   A wrapper class that allows block ciphers to be used to process data in a piecemeal fashion.  code | html
CipherKeyGenerator   The base class for symmetric, or secret, cipher key generators.  code | html
CryptoException   the foundation class for the hard exceptions thrown by the crypto packages.  code | html
DataLengthException   this exception is thrown if a buffer that is meant to have output copied into it turns out to be too short, or if we've been given insufficient input.  code | html
InvalidCipherTextException   this exception is thrown whenever we find something we don't expect in a message.  code | html
KeyGenerationParameters   The base class for parameters to key generators.  code | html
MaxBytesExceededException   this exception is thrown whenever a cipher requires a change of key, iv or similar after x amount of bytes enciphered  code | html
RuntimeCryptoException   the foundation class for the exceptions thrown by the crypto packages.  code | html
StreamBlockCipher   a wrapper for block ciphers with a single byte block size, so that they can be treated like stream ciphers.  code | html