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CertificateVerifyer   This should be implemented by any class which can find out, if a given certificate chain is beeing accepted by an client.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

TlsCipherSuite   A generic class for ciphersuites in TLS 1.0.  code | html


AlwaysValidVerifyer   A certificate verifyer, that will always return true.  code | html
ByteQueue   A queue for bytes.  code | html
Certificate   A representation for a certificate chain as used by an tls server.  code | html
CombinedHash   A combined hash, which implements md5(m) || sha1(m).  code | html
RecordStream   An implementation of the TLS 1.0 record layer.  code | html
TlsBlockCipherCipherSuite   A generic TLS 1.0 block cipher suite.  code | html
TlsCipherSuiteManager   A manager for ciphersuite.  code | html
TlsDSSSigner     code | html
TlsInputStream   An InputStream for an TLS 1.0 connection.  code | html
TlsMac   A generic TLS MAC implementation, which can be used with any kind of Digest to act as an HMAC.  code | html
TlsNullCipherSuite   A NULL CipherSuite in java, this should only be used during handshake.  code | html
TlsOuputStream   An OutputStream for an TLS connection.  code | html
TlsProtocolHandler   An implementation of all high level protocols in TLS 1.0.  code | html
TlsRSASigner     code | html
TlsRuntimeException     code | html
TlsUtils   Some helper fuctions for MicroTLS.  code | html