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Sub Packages:



BrokenPBE     code | html
DSAEncoder     code | html
JCEBlockCipher.GenericBlockCipher     code | html
PBE     code | html

Abstract Classes:

DSABase     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameterGenerator     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameters     code | html
JDKECDSAAlgParameters     code | html
JDKKeyFactory     code | html
JDKKeyPairGenerator     code | html
WrapCipherSpi     code | html


AnnotatedException     code | html
BouncyCastleProvider   To add the provider at runtime use:
import java.security.Security;
import org.bouncycastle.jce.provider.BouncyCastleProvider;

Security.addProvider(new BouncyCastleProvider());
The provider can also be configured as part of your environment via static registration by adding an entry to the java.security properties file (found in $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security/java.security, where $JAVA_HOME is the location of your JDK/JRE distribution). 
code | html
BrokenJCEBlockCipher     code | html
BrokenJCEBlockCipher.BrokePBEWithMD5AndDES   PBEWithMD5AndDES  code | html
BrokenJCEBlockCipher.BrokePBEWithSHA1AndDES   PBEWithSHA1AndDES  code | html
BrokenJCEBlockCipher.BrokePBEWithSHAAndDES2Key   PBEWithSHAAnd2-KeyTripleDES-CBC  code | html
BrokenJCEBlockCipher.BrokePBEWithSHAAndDES3Key   PBEWithSHAAnd3-KeyTripleDES-CBC  code | html
BrokenJCEBlockCipher.OldPBEWithSHAAndDES3Key   OldPBEWithSHAAnd3-KeyTripleDES-CBC  code | html
BrokenJCEBlockCipher.OldPBEWithSHAAndTwofish   OldPBEWithSHAAndTwofish-CBC  code | html
BrokenKDF2BytesGenerator   Generator for PBE derived keys and ivs as defined by IEEE P1363a
This implementation is based on draft 9 of IEEE P1363a. 
code | html
BrokenPBE.Util   uses the appropriate mixer to generate the key and IV if neccessary.  code | html
CertPathValidatorUtilities     code | html
CertStatus     code | html
CertStoreCollectionSpi     code | html
DHUtil   utility class for converting jce/jca DH objects objects into their org.bouncycastle.crypto counterparts.  code | html
DSAUtil   utility class for converting jce/jca DSA objects objects into their org.bouncycastle.crypto counterparts.  code | html
ElGamalUtil   utility class for converting jce/jca ElGamal objects objects into their org.bouncycastle.crypto counterparts.  code | html
ExtCRLException     code | html
GOST3410Util   utility class for converting jce/jca GOST3410-94 objects objects into their org.bouncycastle.crypto counterparts.  code | html
JCEBlockCipher     code | html
JCEBlockCipher.AEADGenericBlockCipher     code | html
JCEBlockCipher.AES   AES  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.AESCBC   AESCBC  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.AESCFB   AESCFB  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.AESOFB   AESOFB  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.Blowfish   Blowfish  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.BufferedGenericBlockCipher     code | html
JCEBlockCipher.CAST5   CAST5  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.CAST5CBC   CAST5 CBC  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.CAST6   CAST6  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.DES   DES  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.DESCBC   DESCBC  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.DESede   DESede  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.DESedeCBC   DESedeCBC  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.GOST28147   GOST28147  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.GOST28147cbc     code | html
JCEBlockCipher.PBEWithAESCBC   PBEWithAES-CBC  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.PBEWithMD5AndDES   PBEWithMD5AndDES  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.PBEWithMD5AndRC2   PBEWithMD5AndRC2  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.PBEWithSHA1AndDES   PBEWithSHA1AndDES  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.PBEWithSHA1AndRC2   PBEWithSHA1AndRC2  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.PBEWithSHAAnd128BitRC2   PBEWithSHAAnd128BitRC2-CBC  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.PBEWithSHAAnd40BitRC2   PBEWithSHAAnd40BitRC2-CBC  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.PBEWithSHAAndDES2Key   PBEWithSHAAnd2-KeyTripleDES-CBC  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.PBEWithSHAAndDES3Key   PBEWithSHAAnd3-KeyTripleDES-CBC  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.PBEWithSHAAndTwofish   PBEWithSHAAndTwofish-CBC  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.RC2   RC2  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.RC2CBC   RC2CBC  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.RC5   RC5  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.RC564   RC564  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.RC6   RC6  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.Rijndael   Rijndael  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.SEED   SEED  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.Serpent   Serpent  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.Skipjack   SKIPJACK  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.TEA   TEA  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.Twofish   Twofish  code | html
JCEBlockCipher.XTEA   XTEA  code | html
JCEDHKeyAgreement   Diffie-Hellman key agreement.  code | html
JCEDHPrivateKey     code | html
JCEDHPublicKey     code | html
JCEDigestUtil     code | html
JCEECPrivateKey     code | html
JCEECPublicKey     code | html
JCEElGamalCipher     code | html
JCEElGamalCipher.NoPadding   classes that inherit from us.  code | html
JCEElGamalCipher.PKCS1v1_5Padding     code | html
JCEElGamalPrivateKey     code | html
JCEElGamalPublicKey     code | html
JCEIESCipher     code | html
JCEIESCipher.BrokenECIES   classes that inherit from us.  code | html
JCEIESCipher.BrokenIES     code | html
JCEIESCipher.ECIES     code | html
JCEIESCipher.IES     code | html
JCEKeyGenerator     code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.Blowfish   Blowfish  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.CAST6   CAST6  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.DES   DES  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.DESede   DESede - the default for this is to generate a key in a-b-a format that's 24 bytes long but has 16 bytes of key material (the first 8 bytes is repeated as the last 8 bytes).  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.DESede3   generate a desEDE key in the a-b-c format.  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.GOST28147   GOST28147  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.HC128   HC128  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.HC256   HC256  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.HMACSHA1   HMACSHA1  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.HMACSHA224   HMACSHA224  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.HMACSHA256   HMACSHA256  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.HMACSHA384   HMACSHA384  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.HMACSHA512   HMACSHA512  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.HMACTIGER   HMACTIGER  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.MD2HMAC   MD2HMAC  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.MD4HMAC   MD4HMAC  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.MD5HMAC   MD5HMAC  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.RC2   RC2  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.RC4   RC4  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.RC5   RC5  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.RC564   RC5  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.RC6   RC6  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.RIPEMD128HMAC   RIPE128HMAC  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.RIPEMD160HMAC   RIPE160HMAC  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.Rijndael   Rijndael  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.Salsa20   Salsa20  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.Serpent   Serpent  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.Skipjack   SKIPJACK  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.TEA   TEA  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.Twofish   Twofish  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.VMPC   VMPC  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.VMPCKSA3   VMPC-KSA3  code | html
JCEKeyGenerator.XTEA   XTEA  code | html
JCEMac     code | html
JCEMac.DES   DES  code | html
JCEMac.DES9797Alg3   DES9797Alg3  code | html
JCEMac.DES9797Alg3with7816d4   DES9797Alg3with7816-4Padding  code | html
JCEMac.DESCFB8   DES  code | html
JCEMac.DESede   DESede  code | html
JCEMac.DESede64   DESede64  code | html
JCEMac.DESede64with7816d4   DESede64with7816-4Padding  code | html
JCEMac.DESedeCFB8   DESede  code | html
JCEMac.GOST28147   GOST28147  code | html
JCEMac.MD2   MD2 HMac  code | html
JCEMac.MD4   MD4 HMac  code | html
JCEMac.MD5   MD5 HMac  code | html
JCEMac.OldSHA384     code | html
JCEMac.OldSHA512   SHA-512 HMac  code | html
JCEMac.PBEWithRIPEMD160   PBEWithHmacRIPEMD160  code | html
JCEMac.PBEWithSHA   PBEWithHmacSHA  code | html
JCEMac.PBEWithTiger   PBEWithHmacTiger  code | html
JCEMac.RC2   RC2  code | html
JCEMac.RC2CFB8   RC2CFB8  code | html
JCEMac.RC5   RC5  code | html
JCEMac.RC5CFB8   RC5CFB8  code | html
JCEMac.RIPEMD128   RIPEMD128 HMac  code | html
JCEMac.RIPEMD160   RIPEMD160 HMac  code | html
JCEMac.SHA1   SHA1 HMac  code | html
JCEMac.SHA224   SHA-224 HMac  code | html
JCEMac.SHA256   SHA-256 HMac  code | html
JCEMac.SHA384   SHA-384 HMac  code | html
JCEMac.SHA512   SHA-512 HMac  code | html
JCEMac.Skipjack   SKIPJACK  code | html
JCEMac.SkipjackCFB8   SKIPJACK  code | html
JCEMac.Tiger   Tiger HMac  code | html
JCEMac.VMPC   VMPC  code | html
JCEPBEKey     code | html
JCERSACipher     code | html
JCERSACipher.ISO9796d1Padding     code | html
JCERSACipher.NoPadding   classes that inherit from us.  code | html
JCERSACipher.OAEPPadding     code | html
JCERSACipher.PKCS1v1_5Padding     code | html
JCERSACipher.PKCS1v1_5Padding_PrivateOnly     code | html
JCERSACipher.PKCS1v1_5Padding_PublicOnly     code | html
JCERSAPrivateCrtKey   A provider representation for a RSA private key, with CRT factors included.  code | html
JCERSAPrivateKey     code | html
JCERSAPublicKey     code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory     code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.DES     code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.DESPBEKeyFactory     code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.DESede     code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEKeyFactory     code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithMD2AndDES   PBEWithMD2AndDES  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithMD2AndRC2   PBEWithMD2AndRC2  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithMD5And128BitAESCBCOpenSSL   PBEWithMD5And128BitAES-OpenSSL  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithMD5And192BitAESCBCOpenSSL   PBEWithMD5And192BitAES-OpenSSL  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithMD5And256BitAESCBCOpenSSL   PBEWithMD5And256BitAES-OpenSSL  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithMD5AndDES   PBEWithMD5AndDES  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithMD5AndRC2   PBEWithMD5AndRC2  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithRIPEMD160   PBEWithHmacRIPEMD160  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHA   PBEWithHmacSHA  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHA1AndDES   PBEWithSHA1AndDES  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHA1AndRC2   PBEWithSHA1AndRC2  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHA256And128BitAESBC   PBEWithSHA256And128BitAES-BC  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHA256And192BitAESBC   PBEWithSHA256And192BitAES-BC  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHA256And256BitAESBC   PBEWithSHA256And256BitAES-BC  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHAAnd128BitAESBC   PBEWithSHA1And128BitAES-BC  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHAAnd128BitRC2   PBEWithSHAAnd128BitRC2-CBC  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHAAnd128BitRC4   PBEWithSHAAnd128BitRC4  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHAAnd192BitAESBC   PBEWithSHA1And192BitAES-BC  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHAAnd256BitAESBC   PBEWithSHA1And256BitAES-BC  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHAAnd40BitRC2   PBEWithSHAAnd40BitRC2-CBC  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHAAnd40BitRC4   PBEWithSHAAnd40BitRC4  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHAAndDES2Key   PBEWithSHAAnd2-KeyTripleDES-CBC  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHAAndDES3Key   PBEWithSHAAnd3-KeyTripleDES-CBC  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithSHAAndTwofish   PBEWithSHAAndTwofish-CBC  code | html
JCESecretKeyFactory.PBEWithTiger   PBEWithHmacTiger  code | html
JCEStreamCipher     code | html
JCEStreamCipher.Blowfish_CFB8   Blowfish  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.Blowfish_OFB8   Blowfish  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.DES_CFB8   DES  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.DES_OFB8   DES  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.DESede_CFB8   DESede  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.DESede_OFB8   DESede  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.HC128   HC-128  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.HC256   HC-256  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.PBEWithSHAAnd128BitRC4   PBEWithSHAAnd128BitRC4  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.PBEWithSHAAnd40BitRC4   PBEWithSHAAnd40BitRC4  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.RC4   RC4  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.Salsa20   Salsa20  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.Skipjack_CFB8   SKIPJACK  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.Skipjack_OFB8   SKIPJACK  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.Twofish_CFB8   Twofish  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.Twofish_OFB8   Twofish  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.VMPC   VMPC  code | html
JCEStreamCipher.VMPCKSA3   VMPC-KSA3  code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameterGenerator.DES     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameterGenerator.DH     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameterGenerator.DSA     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameterGenerator.ElGamal     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameterGenerator.GOST3410     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameterGenerator.RC2     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameters.DH     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameters.DSA     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameters.ElGamal     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameters.GOST3410     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameters.IES     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameters.IVAlgorithmParameters     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameters.OAEP     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameters.PBKDF2     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameters.PKCS12PBE     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameters.PSS     code | html
JDKAlgorithmParameters.RC2AlgorithmParameters     code | html
JDKDSAPrivateKey     code | html
JDKDSAPublicKey     code | html
JDKDSASigner     code | html
JDKDSASigner.NullDigest     code | html
JDKDSASigner.dsa224     code | html
JDKDSASigner.dsa256     code | html
JDKDSASigner.dsa384     code | html
JDKDSASigner.dsa512     code | html
JDKDSASigner.noneDSA     code | html
JDKDSASigner.stdDSA     code | html
JDKDigestSignature     code | html
JDKDigestSignature.MD2WithRSAEncryption     code | html
JDKDigestSignature.MD4WithRSAEncryption     code | html
JDKDigestSignature.MD5WithRSAEncryption     code | html
JDKDigestSignature.RIPEMD128WithRSAEncryption     code | html
JDKDigestSignature.RIPEMD160WithRSAEncryption     code | html
JDKDigestSignature.RIPEMD256WithRSAEncryption     code | html
JDKDigestSignature.SHA1WithRSAEncryption     code | html
JDKDigestSignature.SHA224WithRSAEncryption     code | html
JDKDigestSignature.SHA256WithRSAEncryption     code | html
JDKDigestSignature.SHA384WithRSAEncryption     code | html
JDKDigestSignature.SHA512WithRSAEncryption     code | html
JDKECDSAAlgParameters.SigAlgParameters     code | html
JDKGOST3410PrivateKey     code | html
JDKGOST3410PublicKey     code | html
JDKGOST3410Signer     code | html
JDKGOST3410Signer.ecgost3410     code | html
JDKGOST3410Signer.gost3410     code | html
JDKISOSignature     code | html
JDKISOSignature.MD5WithRSAEncryption     code | html
JDKISOSignature.RIPEMD160WithRSAEncryption     code | html
JDKISOSignature.SHA1WithRSAEncryption     code | html
JDKKeyFactory.DH     code | html
JDKKeyFactory.DSA     code | html
JDKKeyFactory.ElGamal     code | html
JDKKeyFactory.GOST3410     code | html
JDKKeyFactory.RSA     code | html
JDKKeyFactory.X509   This isn't really correct, however the class path project API seems to think such a key factory will exist.  code | html
JDKKeyPairGenerator.DH     code | html
JDKKeyPairGenerator.DSA     code | html
JDKKeyPairGenerator.ElGamal     code | html
JDKKeyPairGenerator.GOST3410     code | html
JDKKeyPairGenerator.RSA     code | html
JDKKeyStore     code | html
JDKKeyStore.BouncyCastleStore   the BouncyCastle store.  code | html
JDKKeyStore.StoreEntry     code | html
JDKMessageDigest     code | html
JDKMessageDigest.GOST3411     code | html
JDKMessageDigest.MD2     code | html
JDKMessageDigest.MD4     code | html
JDKMessageDigest.MD5     code | html
JDKMessageDigest.RIPEMD128     code | html
JDKMessageDigest.RIPEMD160     code | html
JDKMessageDigest.RIPEMD256     code | html
JDKMessageDigest.RIPEMD320     code | html
JDKMessageDigest.SHA1   classes that extend directly off us.  code | html
JDKMessageDigest.SHA224     code | html
JDKMessageDigest.SHA256     code | html
JDKMessageDigest.SHA384     code | html
JDKMessageDigest.SHA512     code | html
JDKMessageDigest.Tiger     code | html
JDKMessageDigest.Whirlpool     code | html
JDKPKCS12KeyStore     code | html
JDKPKCS12KeyStore.BCPKCS12KeyStore     code | html
JDKPKCS12KeyStore.BCPKCS12KeyStore3DES     code | html
JDKPKCS12KeyStore.CertId     code | html
JDKPKCS12KeyStore.DefPKCS12KeyStore     code | html
JDKPKCS12KeyStore.DefPKCS12KeyStore3DES     code | html
JDKPKCS12KeyStore.IgnoresCaseHashtable     code | html
JDKPSSSigner     code | html
JDKPSSSigner.PSSwithRSA     code | html
JDKPSSSigner.SHA1withRSA     code | html
JDKPSSSigner.SHA224withRSA     code | html
JDKPSSSigner.SHA256withRSA     code | html
JDKPSSSigner.SHA384withRSA     code | html
JDKPSSSigner.SHA512withRSA     code | html
JDKX509CertificateFactory   class for dealing with X509 certificates.  code | html
MultiCertStoreSpi     code | html
OldPKCS12ParametersGenerator   Generator for PBE derived keys and ivs as defined by PKCS 12 V1.0, with a bug affecting 180 bit plus keys - this class is only here to allow smooth migration of the version 0 keystore to version 1.  code | html
PBE.Util   uses the appropriate mixer to generate the key and IV if necessary.  code | html
PEMUtil     code | html
PKCS12BagAttributeCarrierImpl     code | html
PKIXAttrCertPathBuilderSpi     code | html
PKIXAttrCertPathValidatorSpi   CertPathValidatorSpi implementation for X.509 Attribute Certificates la RFC 3281.  code | html
PKIXCertPath   CertPath implementation for X.509 certificates.  code | html
PKIXCertPathBuilderSpi   Implements the PKIX CertPathBuilding algorithm for BouncyCastle.  code | html
PKIXCertPathValidatorSpi   CertPathValidatorSpi implementation for X.509 Certificate validation ? la RFC 3280.  code | html
PKIXNameConstraintValidator     code | html
PKIXNameConstraintValidatorException     code | html
PKIXPolicyNode     code | html
ProviderUtil     code | html
RFC3280CertPathUtilities     code | html
RFC3281CertPathUtilities     code | html
RSAUtil   utility class for converting java.security RSA objects into their org.bouncycastle.crypto counterparts.  code | html
ReasonsMask   This class helps to handle CRL revocation reasons mask.  code | html
WrapCipherSpi.DESEDEWrap     code | html
WrapCipherSpi.RC2Wrap     code | html
WrapCipherSpi.RFC3211DESedeWrap     code | html
X509AttrCertParser     code | html
X509CRLEntryObject   The following extensions are listed in RFC 2459 as relevant to CRL Entries ReasonCode Hode Instruction Code Invalidity Date Certificate Issuer (critical)  code | html
X509CRLObject   The following extensions are listed in RFC 2459 as relevant to CRLs Authority Key Identifier Issuer Alternative Name CRL Number Delta CRL Indicator (critical) Issuing Distribution Point (critical)  code | html
X509CRLParser     code | html
X509CertPairParser     code | html
X509CertParser     code | html
X509CertificateObject     code | html
X509LDAPCertStoreSpi   This is a general purpose implementation to get X.509 certificates and CRLs from a LDAP location.  code | html
X509SignatureUtil     code | html
X509StoreAttrCertCollection     code | html
X509StoreCRLCollection     code | html
X509StoreCertCollection     code | html
X509StoreCertPairCollection   This class is a collection based Bouncy Castle org.bouncycastle.x509.X509Store SPI implementation for certificate pairs.  code | html
X509StoreLDAPAttrCerts   A SPI implementation of Bouncy Castle X509Store for getting attribute certificates from an LDAP directory.  code | html
X509StoreLDAPCRLs   A SPI implementation of Bouncy Castle X509Store for getting certificate revocation lists from an LDAP directory.  code | html
X509StoreLDAPCertPairs   A SPI implementation of Bouncy Castle X509Store for getting cross certificates pairs from an LDAP directory.  code | html
X509StoreLDAPCerts   A SPI implementation of Bouncy Castle X509Store for getting certificates form a LDAP directory.  code | html