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Sub Packages:

org.bouncycastle.openpgp.examples   Examples of use of the org.bouncycastle.openpgp package.  


PGPKeyFlags   key flag values for the KeyFlags subpacket.  code | html
StreamGenerator     code | html

Abstract Classes:

PGPEncryptedData     code | html
PGPEncryptedDataGenerator.EncMethod     code | html
PGPKeyRing     code | html


PGPCompressedData   Compressed data objects.  code | html
PGPCompressedDataGenerator   class for producing compressed data packets.  code | html
PGPDataValidationException   Thrown if the iv at the start of a data stream indicates the wrong key is being used.  code | html
PGPEncryptedData.TruncatedStream     code | html
PGPEncryptedDataGenerator   Generator for encrypted objects.  code | html
PGPEncryptedDataGenerator.PBEMethod     code | html
PGPEncryptedDataGenerator.PubMethod     code | html
PGPEncryptedDataList   A holder for a list of PGP encryption method packets.  code | html
PGPException   generic exception class for PGP encoding/decoding problems  code | html
PGPKeyPair   General class to handle JCA key pairs and convert them into OpenPGP ones.  code | html
PGPKeyRingGenerator   Generator for a PGP master and subkey ring.  code | html
PGPKeyValidationException   Thrown if the key checksum is invalid.  code | html
PGPLiteralData   class for processing literal data objects.  code | html
PGPLiteralDataGenerator   Class for producing literal data packets.  code | html
PGPMarker   a PGP marker packet - in general these should be ignored other than where the idea is to preserve the original input stream.  code | html
PGPObjectFactory   General class for reading a PGP object stream.  code | html
PGPOnePassSignature   A one pass signature object.  code | html
PGPOnePassSignatureList   Holder for a list of PGPOnePassSignatures  code | html
PGPPBEEncryptedData   A password based encryption object.  code | html
PGPPrivateKey   general class to contain a private key for use with other openPGP objects.  code | html
PGPPublicKey   general class to handle a PGP public key object.  code | html
PGPPublicKeyEncryptedData   A public key encrypted data object.  code | html
PGPPublicKeyRing   Class to hold a single master public key and its subkeys.  code | html
PGPPublicKeyRingCollection   Often a PGP key ring file is made up of a succession of master/sub-key key rings.  code | html
PGPSecretKey   general class to handle a PGP secret key object.  code | html
PGPSecretKeyRing   Class to hold a single master secret key and its subkeys.  code | html
PGPSecretKeyRingCollection   Often a PGP key ring file is made up of a succession of master/sub-key key rings.  code | html
PGPSignature   A PGP signature object.  code | html
PGPSignatureGenerator   Generator for PGP Signatures.  code | html
PGPSignatureList   A list of PGP signatures - normally in the signature block after literal data.  code | html
PGPSignatureSubpacketGenerator   Generator for signature subpackets.  code | html
PGPSignatureSubpacketVector   Container for a list of signature subpackets.  code | html
PGPUserAttributeSubpacketVector   Container for a list of user attribute subpackets.  code | html
PGPUserAttributeSubpacketVectorGenerator     code | html
PGPUtil   Basic utility class  code | html
PGPV3SignatureGenerator   Generator for old style PGP V3 Signatures.  code | html
WrappedGeneratorStream     code | html