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AudioSecurityAction     code | html
AudioSecurityExceptionAction     code | html


AudioData   A clip of audio data.  code | html
AudioDataStream   An input stream to play AudioData.  code | html
AudioDevice   This class provides an interface to the Headspace Audio engine through the Java Sound API.  code | html
AudioDevice.Info     code | html
AudioPlayer   This class provides an interface to play audio streams.  code | html
AudioStream   Convert an InputStream to an AudioStream.  code | html
AudioStreamSequence   Convert a sequence of input streams into a single InputStream.  code | html
AudioTranslatorStream   Translator for native audio formats (not implemented in this release).  code | html
ContinuousAudioDataStream   Create a continuous audio stream.  code | html
InvalidAudioFormatException   Signals an invalid audio stream for the stream handler.  code | html
NativeAudioStream   A Sun-specific AudioStream that supports native audio formats.  code | html