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InputMethodWindow   Interface for input method windows that need special handling by input method window.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

InputMethodAdapter   An input method adapter interfaces with the native input methods on a host platform.  code | html
InputMethodManager   InputMethodManager is an abstract class that manages the input method environment of JVM.  code | html
InputMethodPopupMenu   InputMethodPopupMenu provides the popup selection menu  code | html


AWTInputMethodPopupMenu     code | html
CompositionArea   A composition area is used to display text that's being composed using an input method in its own user interface environment, typically in a root window.  code | html
CompositionArea.FrameWindowAdapter     code | html
CompositionAreaHandler   A composition area handler handles events and input method requests for the composition area.  code | html
ExecutableInputMethodManager   ExecutableInputMethodManager is the implementation of the InputMethodManager class.  code | html
InputContext   This InputContext class contains parts of the implementation of java.text.im.InputContext.  code | html
InputMethodContext   The InputMethodContext class provides methods that input methods can use to communicate with their client components.  code | html
InputMethodJFrame   Implements a Swing based input method window that provides the minimal functionality as specified in java.awt.im.spi.InputMethodContext#createInputMethodJFrame code | html
InputMethodLocator   Provides complete information to make and handle the selection of an input method and a locale.  code | html
JInputMethodPopupMenu     code | html
SimpleInputMethodWindow   Implements a simple input method window that provides the minimal functionality as specified in java.awt.im.spi.InputMethodContext#createInputMethodWindow code | html