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Sub Packages:



AWTAccessor.AWTEventAccessor     code | html
AWTAccessor.ComponentAccessor     code | html
AWTAccessor.ContainerAccessor     code | html
AWTAccessor.EventQueueAccessor     code | html
AWTAccessor.FileDialogAccessor     code | html
AWTAccessor.FrameAccessor     code | html
AWTAccessor.InputEventAccessor     code | html
AWTAccessor.KeyboardFocusManagerAccessor     code | html
AWTAccessor.MenuComponentAccessor     code | html
AWTAccessor.PopupMenuAccessor     code | html
AWTAccessor.WindowAccessor     code | html
ComponentFactory   Interface for component creation support in toolkits  code | html
ConstrainableGraphics   This interface can be implemented on a Graphics object to allow the lightweight component code to permanently install a rectangular maximum clip that cannot be extended with setClip and which works in conjunction with the hit() and getTransform() methods of Graphics2D to make it appear as if there really was a component with these dimensions.  code | html
DisplayChangedListener   The listener interface for receiving display change events.  code | html
EventQueueDelegate.Delegate     code | html
Graphics2Delegate     code | html
InputMethodSupport   Input method support for toolkits  code | html
KeyboardFocusManagerPeerProvider   KeyboardFocusManagerPeerProvider is required to be implemented by the currently used java.awt.Toolkit instance.  code | html
ModalExclude   Interface for identifying a component that will be excluded during modal operations.  code | html
ModalityListener   Listener interface so Java Plug-in can be notified of changes in AWT modality  code | html
RequestFocusController     code | html
SubRegionShowable   Interface used by Swing to make copies from the Swing back buffer more optimal when using BufferStrategy; no need to copy the entire buffer when only a small sub-region has changed.  code | html
WindowClosingListener   Interface for listening to WINDOW_CLOSING events before and after they are posted to the queue.  code | html
WindowClosingSupport   Interface for identifying and casting toolkits that support WindowClosingListeners.  code | html
WindowIDProvider   Classes implementing this interface have public getWindow method, returning handle to the native window.  code | html
X11ComponentPeer     code | html

Abstract Classes:

CustomCursor   A class to encapsulate a custom image-based cursor.  code | html
DesktopBrowse     code | html
EmbeddedFrame   A generic container used for embedding Java components, usually applets.  code | html
FontConfiguration   Provides the definitions of the five logical fonts: Serif, SansSerif, Monospaced, Dialog, and DialogInput.  code | html
GlobalCursorManager   A stateless class which responds to native mouse moves, Component resizes, Component moves, showing and hiding of Components, minimizing and maximizing of top level Windows, addition and removal of Components, and calls to setCursor().  code | html
KeyboardFocusManagerPeerImpl     code | html
PlatformFont     code | html
ScrollPaneWheelScroller     code | html
SunGraphicsCallback     code | html
SunToolkit     code | html
UNIXToolkit     code | html
X11CustomCursor   A class to encapsulate a custom image-based cursor.  code | html
X11InputMethod   Input Method Adapter for XIM  code | html
X11InputMethodDescriptor   Provides sufficient information about an input method to enable selection and loading of that input method.  code | html


CausedFocusEvent.Cause     code | html
OSInfo.OSType     code | html
AWTAccessor   The AWTAccessor utility class.  code | html
AWTAutoShutdown   This class is to let AWT shutdown automatically when a user is done with AWT.  code | html
AWTCharset     code | html
AWTCharset.Decoder     code | html
AWTCharset.Encoder     code | html
AWTPermissionFactory   A factory object for AWTPermission objects.  code | html
AWTSecurityManager   The AWTSecurityManager class provides the ability to secondarily index AppContext objects through SecurityManager extensions.  code | html
AppContext   The AppContext is a table referenced by ThreadGroup which stores application service instances.  code | html
AppContext.CreateThreadAction     code | html
AppContext.PostShutdownEventRunnable     code | html
CausedFocusEvent   This class represents FocusEvents with a known "cause" - reason why this event happened.  code | html
CharsetString     code | html
ComponentAccessor   A collection of methods for modifying package private fields in AWT components.  code | html
DebugSettings     code | html
DefaultMouseInfoPeer     code | html
EmbeddedFrame.NullEmbeddedFramePeer     code | html
EventListenerAggregate   A class that assists in managing java.util.EventListener s of the specified type.  code | html
EventQueueDelegate     code | html
EventQueueItem     code | html
ExtendedKeyCodes     code | html
FocusingTextField   FocusingTextField: a subclass of java.awt.TextField that handles moving the input focus from field to field, as when the user hits 'return.'  code | html
FontConfiguration.PropertiesHandler     code | html
FontConfiguration.PropertiesHandler.FontProperties     code | html
FontDescriptor     code | html
GlobalCursorManager.NativeUpdater     code | html
HKSCS     code | html
HToolkit     code | html
HeadlessToolkit     code | html
HorizBagLayout   A horizontal 'bag' of Components.  code | html
ModalityEvent   Event object describing changes in AWT modality  code | html
MostRecentKeyValue     code | html
Mutex     code | html
NativeLibLoader     code | html
NullComponentPeer   Implements the LightweightPeer interface for use in lightweight components that have no native window associated with them.  code | html
OSInfo     code | html
OSInfo.WindowsVersion     code | html
OrientableFlowLayout   Extends the FlowLayout class to support both vertical and horizontal layout of components.  code | html
PaintEventDispatcher   PaintEventDispatcher is responsible for dispatching PaintEvents.  code | html
PeerEvent     code | html
PlatformFont.PlatformFontCache     code | html
PostEventQueue     code | html
RepaintArea   The RepaintArea is a geometric construct created for the purpose of holding the geometry of several coalesced paint events.  code | html
SunDisplayChanger   This class is used to aid in keeping track of DisplayChangedListeners and notifying them when a display change has taken place.  code | html
SunGraphicsCallback.PaintHeavyweightComponentsCallback     code | html
SunGraphicsCallback.PrintHeavyweightComponentsCallback     code | html
SunHints   This class contains rendering hints that can be used by the java.awt.Graphics2D class, and classes that implement java.awt.image.BufferedImageOp and java.awt.image.Raster code | html
SunHints.Key   Defines the type of all keys used to control various aspects of the rendering and imaging pipelines.  code | html
SunHints.LCDContrastKey     code | html
SunHints.Value   Defines the type of all "enumerative" values used to control various aspects of the rendering and imaging pipelines.  code | html
SunToolkit.IllegalThreadException     code | html
SunToolkit.InfiniteLoop     code | html
SunToolkit.ModalityListenerList     code | html
SunToolkit.OperationTimedOut     code | html
Symbol     code | html
Symbol.Encoder     code | html
TracedEventQueue   An EventQueue subclass which adds selective tracing of events as they are posted to an EventQueue.  code | html
UngrabEvent   Sent when one of the following events occur on the grabbed window:
  • it looses focus, but not to one of the owned windows
  • mouse click on the outside area happens (except for one of the owned windows)
  • switch to another application or desktop happens
  • click in the non-client area of the owning window or this window happens

Notice that this event is not generated on mouse click inside of the window area. 

code | html
VariableGridLayout   A layout manager for a container that lays out grids.  code | html
VerticalBagLayout   A vertical 'bag' of Components.  code | html
Win32ColorModel24   This class creates a standard ComponentColorModel with the slight difference that it creates its Raster objects with the components in the reverse order from the base ComponentColorModel to match the ordering on a Windows 24-bit display.  code | html
Win32FontManager   The X11 implementation of FontManager code | html
Win32GraphicsConfig   This is an implementation of a GraphicsConfiguration object for a single Win32 visual.  code | html
Win32GraphicsDevice   This is an implementation of a GraphicsDevice object for a single Win32 screen.  code | html
Win32GraphicsDevice.Win32FSWindowAdapter   WindowAdapter class responsible for de/iconifying full-screen window of this device.  code | html
Win32GraphicsEnvironment   This is an implementation of a GraphicsEnvironment object for the default local GraphicsEnvironment used by the Java Runtime Environment for Windows.  code | html
WindowAccessor     code | html
X11FontManager   The X11 implementation of FontManager code | html
X11GraphicsConfig   This is an implementation of a GraphicsConfiguration object for a single X11 visual.  code | html
X11GraphicsConfig.X11GCDisposerRecord     code | html
X11GraphicsConfig.XDBECapabilities     code | html
X11GraphicsDevice   This is an implementation of a GraphicsDevice object for a single X11 screen.  code | html
X11GraphicsEnvironment   This is an implementation of a GraphicsEnvironment object for the default local GraphicsEnvironment used by the Java Runtime Environment for X11 environments.  code | html
X11InputMethod.IntBuffer   IntBuffer is an inner class that manipulates an int array and provides UNIX file io stream-like programming interfaces to access it.  code | html
XSettings   Per-screen XSETTINGS.  code | html
XSettings.Update   TBS ...  code | html