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ShellFolder.Invoker   Interface allowing to invoke tasks in different environments on different platforms.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

ShellFolder     code | html


Win32ShellFolder2.SystemIcon     code | html
DefaultShellFolder     code | html
ShellFolderColumnInfo     code | html
ShellFolderManager     code | html
ShellFolderManager.DirectInvoker     code | html
Win32ShellFolder2   Win32 Shell Folders

There are two fundamental types of shell folders : file system folders and non-file system folders. 

code | html
Win32ShellFolder2.ColumnComparator     code | html
Win32ShellFolder2.FolderDisposer     code | html
Win32ShellFolderManager2     code | html
Win32ShellFolderManager2.ComInvoker     code | html