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Abstract Classes:

D3DPaints     code | html
D3DPaints.MultiGradient   Shared MultipleGradientPaint support **************  code | html


D3DBackBufferSurfaceData     code | html
D3DBlitLoops     code | html
D3DBufImgOps     code | html
D3DContext   Note that the RenderQueue lock must be acquired before calling any of the methods in this class.  code | html
D3DContext.D3DContextCaps     code | html
D3DDrawImage     code | html
D3DGeneralBlit   This general Blit implemenation converts any source surface to an intermediate IntArgbPre surface, and then uses the more specific IntArgbPre->D3DSurface/Texture loop to get the intermediate (premultiplied) surface down to D3D.  code | html
D3DGraphicsConfig     code | html
D3DGraphicsConfig.D3DBufferCaps     code | html
D3DGraphicsConfig.D3DImageCaps     code | html
D3DGraphicsDevice   This class implements D3D-specific functionality, such as fullscreen exclusive mode and display changes.  code | html
D3DGraphicsDevice.D3DFSWindowAdapter   WindowAdapter class for the full-screen frame, responsible for restoring the devices.  code | html
D3DMaskBlit     code | html
D3DMaskFill     code | html
D3DPaints.Gradient   GradientPaint support  code | html
D3DPaints.LinearGradient   LinearGradientPaint support ***********************  code | html
D3DPaints.RadialGradient   RadialGradientPaint support ***********************  code | html
D3DPaints.Texture   TexturePaint support  code | html
D3DRTTSurfaceToSurfaceBlit     code | html
D3DRTTSurfaceToSurfaceScale     code | html
D3DRTTSurfaceToSurfaceTransform     code | html
D3DRenderQueue   D3D-specific implementation of RenderQueue.  code | html
D3DRenderer     code | html
D3DRenderer.Tracer     code | html
D3DScreenUpdateManager   This class handles rendering to the screen with the D3D pipeline.  code | html
D3DSurfaceData   This class describes a D3D "surface", that is, a region of pixels managed via D3D.  code | html
D3DSurfaceData.D3DDataBufferNative     code | html
D3DSurfaceData.D3DWindowSurfaceData   Class representing an on-screen d3d surface.  code | html
D3DSurfaceDataProxy   The proxy class contains the logic for when to replace a SurfaceData with a cached D3D Texture and the code to create the accelerated surfaces.  code | html
D3DSurfaceToGDIWindowSurfaceBlit     code | html
D3DSurfaceToGDIWindowSurfaceScale     code | html
D3DSurfaceToGDIWindowSurfaceTransform     code | html
D3DSurfaceToSurfaceBlit     code | html
D3DSurfaceToSurfaceScale     code | html
D3DSurfaceToSurfaceTransform     code | html
D3DSurfaceToSwBlit     code | html
D3DSwToSurfaceBlit     code | html
D3DSwToSurfaceScale     code | html
D3DSwToSurfaceTransform     code | html
D3DSwToTextureBlit     code | html
D3DTextRenderer     code | html
D3DTextRenderer.Tracer     code | html
D3DTextureToSurfaceBlit     code | html
D3DTextureToSurfaceScale     code | html
D3DTextureToSurfaceTransform     code | html
D3DVolatileSurfaceManager     code | html