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OGLGraphicsConfig   This interface collects the methods that are provided by both GLXGraphicsConfig and WGLGraphicsConfig, making it easier to invoke these methods directly from OGLSurfaceData.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

GLXSurfaceData     code | html
OGLPaints     code | html
OGLPaints.MultiGradient   Shared MultipleGradientPaint support **************  code | html
OGLSurfaceData   This class describes an OpenGL "surface", that is, a region of pixels managed via OpenGL.  code | html
WGLSurfaceData     code | html


GLXGraphicsConfig     code | html
GLXGraphicsConfig.GLXBufferCaps     code | html
GLXGraphicsConfig.GLXGetConfigInfo   This is a small helper class that allows us to execute getGLXConfigInfo() on the queue flushing thread.  code | html
GLXGraphicsConfig.GLXImageCaps     code | html
GLXSurfaceData.GLXOffScreenSurfaceData     code | html
GLXSurfaceData.GLXVSyncOffScreenSurfaceData   A surface which implements a v-synced flip back-buffer with COPIED FlipContents.  code | html
GLXSurfaceData.GLXWindowSurfaceData     code | html
GLXVolatileSurfaceManager     code | html
OGLBlitLoops     code | html
OGLBufImgOps     code | html
OGLContext   Note that the RenderQueue lock must be acquired before calling any of the methods in this class.  code | html
OGLContext.OGLContextCaps     code | html
OGLDrawImage     code | html
OGLGeneralBlit   This general Blit implemenation converts any source surface to an intermediate IntArgbPre surface, and then uses the more specific IntArgbPre->OpenGLSurface/Texture loop to get the intermediate (premultiplied) surface down to OpenGL.  code | html
OGLMaskBlit     code | html
OGLMaskFill     code | html
OGLPaints.Gradient   GradientPaint support  code | html
OGLPaints.LinearGradient   LinearGradientPaint support ***********************  code | html
OGLPaints.RadialGradient   RadialGradientPaint support ***********************  code | html
OGLPaints.Texture   TexturePaint support  code | html
OGLRTTSurfaceToSurfaceBlit     code | html
OGLRTTSurfaceToSurfaceScale     code | html
OGLRTTSurfaceToSurfaceTransform     code | html
OGLRenderQueue   OGL-specific implementation of RenderQueue.  code | html
OGLRenderQueue.QueueFlusher     code | html
OGLRenderer     code | html
OGLRenderer.Tracer     code | html
OGLSurfaceDataProxy   The proxy class contains the logic for when to replace a SurfaceData with a cached OGL Texture and the code to create the accelerated surfaces.  code | html
OGLSurfaceToSurfaceBlit     code | html
OGLSurfaceToSurfaceScale     code | html
OGLSurfaceToSurfaceTransform     code | html
OGLSurfaceToSwBlit     code | html
OGLSwToSurfaceBlit     code | html
OGLSwToSurfaceScale     code | html
OGLSwToSurfaceTransform     code | html
OGLSwToTextureBlit     code | html
OGLTextRenderer     code | html
OGLTextRenderer.Tracer     code | html
OGLTextureToSurfaceBlit     code | html
OGLTextureToSurfaceScale     code | html
OGLTextureToSurfaceTransform     code | html
OGLUtilities   This class contains a number of static utility methods that may be called (via reflection) by a third-party library, such as JOGL, in order to interoperate with the OGL-based Java 2D pipeline.  code | html
WGLGraphicsConfig     code | html
WGLGraphicsConfig.WGLBufferCaps     code | html
WGLGraphicsConfig.WGLGCDisposerRecord     code | html
WGLGraphicsConfig.WGLGetConfigInfo   This is a small helper class that allows us to execute getWGLConfigInfo() on the queue flushing thread.  code | html
WGLGraphicsConfig.WGLImageCaps     code | html
WGLSurfaceData.WGLOffScreenSurfaceData     code | html
WGLSurfaceData.WGLVSyncOffScreenSurfaceData   A surface which implements a v-synced flip back-buffer with COPIED FlipContents.  code | html
WGLSurfaceData.WGLWindowSurfaceData     code | html
WGLVolatileSurfaceManager     code | html