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Sub Packages:



StackTracePanel.Listener     code | html
ThreadListPanel.Listener   Listener which can be added to receive "Set Focus" events  code | html


BugSpot   The BugSpot component.  code | html
BugSpot.BreakpointResult     code | html
BugSpot.DefaultEditor     code | html
BugSpot.DefaultEditorFactory     code | html
BugSpot.JavaFileFilter     code | html
BugSpot.JavaUserData     code | html

This class wraps the basic functionality for connecting to the target process or debug server. 

code | html
JavaLineNumberInfo   Wrapper class which describes line number information for Java class files.  code | html
Main   The main class for the BugSpot debugger.  code | html
PCFinder   Helper class for locating a program counter.  code | html
PCFinder.Info     code | html
PackageScanner   Scans a .java file for the package that it is in.  code | html
RegisterPanel   Displays registers in a window.  code | html
RegisterPanel.RegisterInfo     code | html
StackTraceEntry   This class describes a frame in a stack trace.  code | html
StackTracePanel   This panel contains a ListBox with all of the stack frames in a given thread.  code | html
StackTracePanel.Model     code | html
ThreadListPanel   The ThreadListPanel is used for C and C++ debugging and can visualize all threads in the target process.  code | html
ThreadListPanel.ThreadInfo     code | html
VariablePanel   Manages display of a set of local variables in a frame, or the contents of the "this" pointer  code | html
VariablePanel.CCollector     code | html