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Sub Packages:



ResolveListener   Provides notification about failed resolutions in the debug info database without causing the entire resolve operation to fail  code | html

Abstract Classes:

BasicCFrame   Basic implementation of the CFrame interface providing some of the functionality in a platform-independent manner.  code | html
BasicSym     code | html
BasicType     code | html


BasicArrayType     code | html
BasicBaseClass     code | html
BasicBitType     code | html
BasicBlockSym     code | html
BasicCDebugInfoDataBase     code | html
BasicCompoundType     code | html
BasicDebugEvent     code | html
BasicDoubleType     code | html
BasicEnumType     code | html
BasicEnumType.Enum     code | html
BasicField     code | html
BasicFloatType     code | html
BasicFunctionSym     code | html
BasicFunctionType     code | html
BasicGlobalSym     code | html
BasicIndexableFieldIdentifier     code | html
BasicIntType     code | html
BasicLineNumberInfo   Describes line number information for a given range of program counters.  code | html
BasicLineNumberMapping     code | html
BasicLocalSym     code | html
BasicMemberFunctionType     code | html
BasicNamedFieldIdentifier     code | html
BasicPointerType     code | html
BasicRefType     code | html
BasicVoidType     code | html
CompoundTypeKind   Type-safe enum for discriminating between classes, structs and unions, which are all represented as compound types  code | html
LazyBlockSym     code | html
LazyType     code | html