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Sub Packages:



AccessControl     code | html
ArrayType     code | html
BaseClass   Models a base class; effectively just provides the "virtual" keyword as well as public/private derivation information.  code | html
BitType     code | html
BlockSym   A BlockSym models a lexical scope in a block-structured language.  code | html
CDebugInfoDataBase   Database for C and C++ debug information.  code | html
CDebugger   Interface describing how to debug C and C++ programs.  code | html
CFrame   Models a "C" programming language frame on the stack -- really just an arbitrary frame with hooks to access C and C++ debug information if available.  code | html
CVAttributes     code | html
CompoundType   Models all compound types, i.e., those containing fields: classes, structs, and unions.  code | html
DebugEvent   Describes in an abstract sense the kind of debug events which may be received from the target process.  code | html
DoubleType     code | html
EnumType   Describes enumerated types.  code | html
Field     code | html
FieldIdentifier   Abstraction over named fields and indices of arrays.  code | html
FloatType     code | html
FunctionSym   A FunctionSym is an extension of a BlockSym which contains additional information such as the type (signature) of the function.  code | html
FunctionType     code | html
GlobalSym   Models either a global variable or a module-local variable.  code | html
IndexableFieldIdentifier   Identifier for indices of arrays  code | html
IntType     code | html
LineNumberInfo   Describes line number information for a given range of program counters.  code | html
LineNumberVisitor     code | html
LoadObject   A LoadObject models a DSO/DLL/EXE; that is, an entity relocated by the run-time linker.  code | html
LocalSym   Models a local variable in a scope.  code | html
MemberFunctionType     code | html
NamedFieldIdentifier   Named fields in compound types  code | html
ObjectVisitor   Provides uniform visitation to primitive and compound objects.  code | html
PointerType     code | html

A highly experimental interface for process control and debug events. 

code | html
RefType     code | html
Sym   Provides a superinterface for all symbol types  code | html
TemplateType     code | html
Type   Models a C or C++ type. Symbols have an associated Type.  code | html
TypeVisitor     code | html
VoidType     code | html


ClosestSymbol   Models the closest symbol to a given program counter: name and offset.  code | html
DebugEvent.Type     code | html
DefaultObjectVisitor   Implementation of the ObjectVisitor interface with all methods empty  code | html
LoadObjectComparator     code | html