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Sub Packages:



Editor   High-level interface describing what the debugger requires from an editor component in order to display source code.  code | html
EditorCommands   The debugger supplies an implementation of this interface to Editors it requests be opened by the EditorFactory.  code | html
EditorFactory   An EditorFactory is the basis of pluggable editor components.  code | html
FrameWrapper   Provides uniform interface for dealing with JInternalFrames and JFrames.  code | html
ObjectHistogramPanel.Listener     code | html
SAListener     code | html

Abstract Classes:

MemoryPanel.ActionWrapper     code | html


AnnotatedMemoryPanel   A subclass of JPanel which displays a hex dump of memory along with annotations describing the significance of various pieces.  code | html
AnnotatedMemoryPanel.AnnoX     code | html
Annotation   This can be extended, along with AnnotatedMemoryPanel, to be an arbitrarily complex mechanism, supporting user interaction, etc.  code | html
CommandProcessorPanel   A JPanel subclass containing a scrollable text area displaying the debugger's console, if it has one.  code | html
DeadlockDetectionPanel   A JPanel to show information about Java-level deadlocks.  code | html
DebuggerConsolePanel   A JPanel subclass containing a scrollable text area displaying the debugger's console, if it has one.  code | html
EditableAtEndDocument   This class implements a special type of document in which edits can only be performed at the end, from "mark" to the end of the document.  code | html
FindByQueryPanel     code | html
FindInCodeCachePanel   Finds a given (Address) value in the code cache.  code | html
FindInCodeCachePanel.Visitor     code | html
FindInHeapPanel   Finds a given (Address) value in the heap.  code | html
FindPanel   Uses sun.jvm.hotspot.utilities.PointerFinder to provide a graphical user interface to the VM's debugging utility "find".  code | html
GraphicsUtilities   Useful utilities for drawing graphics  code | html
HeapParametersPanel   Provides information about heap.  code | html
HighPrecisionJScrollBar   A JScrollBar which uses BigIntegers as the representation for the minimum, maximum, unit increment, etc.  code | html
HistoryComboBox   Provides an editable text field with history.  code | html
Inspector   This class implements tree-browsing functionality of a particular SimpleTreeNode, and is only designed to be used in a debugging system.  code | html
JFrameWrapper     code | html
JInternalFrameWrapper     code | html
JavaStackTracePanel   Provides Java stack trace of a Java Thread  code | html
JavaThreadsPanel   This panel contains a JTable which displays the list of Java threads as their native thread identifiers combined with their Java names.  code | html
JavaThreadsPanel.CachedThread     code | html
JavaThreadsPanel.JavaThreadsColumnModel     code | html
JavaThreadsPanel.JavaThreadsTableModel   Encapsulates the set of threads in a table model  code | html
JavaThreadsPanel.JavaThreadsToolBar     code | html
JavaThreadsPanel.ThreadPanel   A splitpane panel which contains the thread table and the Thread Info.  code | html
MemoryPanel     code | html
MemoryViewer   Wraps a MemoryPanel with a field allowing the user to type in an address.  code | html
MonitorCacheDumpPanel   Provides information about monitor cache.  code | html
ObjectHistogramPanel   Displays the results of an ObjectHistogram run in a JTable, with a button to display all objects of that type  code | html
ObjectHistogramPanel.ObjectHistogramColummModel     code | html
ObjectHistogramPanel.ObjectHistogramTableModel   A table model which encapsulates the ObjectHistogram  code | html
ObjectHistogramPanel.ObjectHistogramTableModel.ObjectHistogramComparator     code | html
ObjectHistogramPanel.ObjectHistogramToolBar     code | html
ObjectListPanel   Lists objects along with their types  code | html
ObjectListPanel.AddressWrapper     code | html
ObjectListPanel.ObjectListTableModel     code | html
ObjectListPanel.ObjectListTableModel.ObjectListComparator     code | html
ProcessListPanel     code | html
ProgressBarPanel   A panel containing a progress bar and a label  code | html
SAEditorPane   A simple subclass of JEditorPane for displaying uneditable html  code | html
SAPanel   This base class encapsulates many of the events that are fired from the various panels in this directory so they can easily be plugged in to different containing frameworks (HSDB, BugSpot).  code | html
SourceCodePanel   Panel supporting loading of and scrolling through source code.  code | html
SourceCodePanel.RowHeader   Support for displaying icons and line numbers in row header of scroll pane  code | html
StringTransferable   String transferable for drag-and-drop.  code | html
SysPropsPanel   Shows values of Java System properties.  code | html
ThreadInfoPanel   Provides implementation level info about a Java Thread  code | html
VMFlagsPanel   Shows values of Java command line flags  code | html
VMVersionInfoPanel   Shows VM version information  code | html