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Sub Packages:



Compare   Compare: an interface to enable users to define the result of a comparison of two objects.  code | html
ExtensionInstallationProvider   This interface defines the contract a extension installation capable provided to the extension installation dependency mechanism to install new extensions on the user's disk  code | html
JavaIOAccess     code | html
JavaIODeleteOnExitAccess     code | html
JavaIOFileDescriptorAccess     code | html
JavaLangAccess     code | html
JavaNetAccess     code | html
JavaNioAccess     code | html
JavaNioAccess.BufferPool   Provides access to information on buffer usage.  code | html
JavaSecurityAccess     code | html
JavaSecurityProtectionDomainAccess     code | html
JavaSecurityProtectionDomainAccess.ProtectionDomainCache     code | html
JavaUtilJarAccess     code | html
JavaxSecurityAuthKerberosAccess   An unsafe tunnel to get non-public access to classes in the javax.security.auth.kerberos package.  code | html
RegexpTarget   A class to define actions to be performed when a regular expression match occurs.  code | html
SignalHandler   This is the signal handler interface expected in Signal.handle code | html
Timeable   This interface is used by the Timer class.  code | html
VMNotification     code | html

Abstract Classes:

BootClassLoaderHook   BootClassLoaderHook defines an interface for a hook to inject into the bootstrap class loader.  code | html
CharacterDecoder   This class defines the decoding half of character encoders.  code | html
CharacterEncoder   This class defines the encoding half of character encoders.  code | html
ClassFileTransformer   This is an abstract base class which is called by java.lang.ClassLoader when ClassFormatError is thrown inside defineClass().  code | html
LRUCache   Utility class for small LRU caches.  code | html
ProxyGenerator.ConstantPool.Entry   Entry is the abstact superclass of all constant pool entry types that can be stored in the "pool" list; its purpose is to define a common method for writing constant pool entries to a class file.  code | html
Ref   A "Ref" is an indirect reference to an object that the garbage collector knows about.  code | html
Request   Requests are functor objects; that is, they provide part of the mechanism for deferred function application.  code | html
Resource   This class is used to represent a Resource that has been loaded from the class path.  code | html


FormattedFloatingDecimal.Form     code | html
ASCIICaseInsensitiveComparator   Implements a locale and case insensitive comparator suitable for strings that are known to only contain ASCII characters.  code | html
BASE64Decoder   This class implements a BASE64 Character decoder as specified in RFC1521.  code | html
BASE64Encoder   This class implements a BASE64 Character encoder as specified in RFC1521.  code | html
Base64Encoder     code | html
CEFormatException     code | html
CEStreamExhausted   This exception is thrown when EOF is reached  code | html
CRC16   The CRC-16 class calculates a 16 bit cyclic redundancy check of a set of bytes.  code | html
Cache   The Cache class.  code | html
CacheEntry   Caches the collision list.  code | html
CacheEnumerator   A Cache enumerator class.  code | html
ClassLoaderUtil   Provides utility functions related to URLClassLoaders or subclasses of it.  code | html
Cleaner   General-purpose phantom-reference-based cleaners.  code | html
CompoundEnumeration     code | html
ConditionLock   ConditionLock is a Lock with a built in state variable.  code | html
DoubleConsts   This class contains additional constants documenting limits of the double type.  code | html

This class checks dependent extensions a particular jar file may have declared through its manifest attributes. 

code | html
ExtensionInfo   This class holds all necessary information to install or upgrade a extension on the user's disk  code | html
ExtensionInstallationException     code | html
FDBigInt     code | html
FIFOQueueEnumerator     code | html
FileURLMapper   (Windows) Platform specific handling for file: URLs .  code | html
FloatConsts   This class contains additional constants documenting limits of the float type.  code | html
FloatingDecimal     code | html
FormattedFloatingDecimal     code | html
FpUtils   The class {@code FpUtils} contains static utility methods for manipulating and inspecting {@code float} and {@code double} floating-point numbers.  code | html
GC   Support for garbage-collection latency requests.  code | html
GC.Daemon     code | html
GC.LatencyLock     code | html
GC.LatencyRequest   Represents an active garbage-collection latency request.  code | html
HexDumpEncoder   This class encodes a buffer into the classic: "Hexadecimal Dump" format of the past.  code | html
IOUtils   IOUtils: A collection of IO-related public static methods.  code | html
InvalidJarIndexException   Thrown if the URLClassLoader finds the INDEX.LIST file of a jar file contains incorrect information.  code | html

This class checks that only jar and zip files are included in the file list. 

code | html
JarIndex   This class is used to maintain mappings from packages, classes and resources to their enclosing JAR files.  code | html
LIFOQueueEnumerator     code | html
Launcher   This class is used by the system to launch the main application.  code | html
Launcher.AppClassLoader   The class loader used for loading from java.class.path.  code | html
Launcher.BootClassPathHolder     code | html
Launcher.ExtClassLoader     code | html
Launcher.Factory     code | html
Lock   The Lock class provides a simple, useful interface to a lock.  code | html
MessageUtils   MessageUtils: miscellaneous utilities for handling error and status properties and messages.  code | html
MetaIndex     code | html
NativeSignalHandler     code | html
OSEnvironment     code | html
PathPermissions     code | html
Perf   The Perf class provides the ability to attach to an instrumentation buffer maintained by a Java virtual machine.  code | html
Perf.GetPerfAction   The GetPerfAction class is a convenience class for acquiring access to the singleton Perf instance using the AccessController.doPrivileged() method.  code | html
PerfCounter   Performance counter support for internal JRE classes.  code | html
PerfCounter.CoreCounters     code | html
PerfCounter.WindowsClientCounters     code | html
PerformanceLogger   This class is intended to be a central place for the jdk to log timing events of interest.  code | html
PerformanceLogger.TimeData   Internal class used to store time/message data together.  code | html
ProxyGenerator   ProxyGenerator contains the code to generate a dynamic proxy class for the java.lang.reflect.Proxy API.  code | html
ProxyGenerator.ConstantPool   A ConstantPool object represents the constant pool of a class file being generated.  code | html
ProxyGenerator.ConstantPool.IndirectEntry   IndirectEntry represents a constant pool entry of a type that references other constant pool entries, i.e., the following types: CONSTANT_Class, CONSTANT_String, CONSTANT_Fieldref, CONSTANT_Methodref, CONSTANT_InterfaceMethodref, and CONSTANT_NameAndType.  code | html
ProxyGenerator.ConstantPool.ValueEntry   ValueEntry represents a constant pool entry of a type that contains a direct value (see the comments for the "getValue" method for a list of such types).  code | html
ProxyGenerator.ExceptionTableEntry   An ExceptionTableEntry object holds values for the data items of an entry in the "exception_table" item of the "Code" attribute of "method_info" structures (see JVMS 4.7.3).  code | html
ProxyGenerator.FieldInfo   A FieldInfo object contains information about a particular field in the class being generated.  code | html
ProxyGenerator.MethodInfo   A MethodInfo object contains information about a particular method in the class being generated.  code | html
ProxyGenerator.PrimitiveTypeInfo   A PrimitiveTypeInfo object contains assorted information about a primitive type in its public fields.  code | html
ProxyGenerator.ProxyMethod   A ProxyMethod object represents a proxy method in the proxy class being generated: a method whose implementation will encode and dispatch invocations to the proxy instance's invocation handler.  code | html
Queue   Queue: implements a simple queue mechanism.  code | html
QueueElement     code | html
REException   A class to signal exception from the RegexpPool class.  code | html
Regexp   A class to represent a regular expression. Only handles '*'s.  code | html
RegexpNode     code | html
RegexpPool   A class to represent a pool of regular expressions.  code | html
RequestProcessor   The request processor allows functors (Request instances) to be created in arbitrary threads, and to be posted for execution in a non-restricted thread.  code | html
Service   A simple service-provider lookup mechanism.  code | html
Service.LazyIterator   Private inner class implementing fully-lazy provider lookup  code | html
ServiceConfigurationError   Error thrown when something goes wrong while looking up service providers.  code | html
SharedSecrets   A repository of "shared secrets", which are a mechanism for calling implementation-private methods in another package without using reflection.  code | html
Signal   This class provides ANSI/ISO C signal support.  code | html
SoftCache   A memory-sensitive implementation of the Map interface.  code | html
SoftCache.Entry     code | html
SoftCache.EntrySet     code | html
SoftCache.ValueCell     code | html
Sort   Sort: a class that uses the quicksort algorithm to sort an array of objects.  code | html
Timer   A Timer object is used by algorithms that require timed events.  code | html
TimerThread     code | html
TimerTickThread     code | html
UCDecoder   This class implements a robust character decoder.  code | html
UCEncoder   This class implements a robust character encoder.  code | html
URLClassPath   This class is used to maintain a search path of URLs for loading classes and resources from both JAR files and directories.  code | html
URLClassPath.FileLoader     code | html
URLClassPath.JarLoader     code | html
URLClassPath.Loader   Inner class used to represent a loader of resources and classes from a base URL.  code | html
UUDecoder   This class implements a Berkeley uu character decoder.  code | html
UUEncoder   This class implements a Berkeley uu character encoder.  code | html
Unsafe   A collection of methods for performing low-level, unsafe operations.  code | html
VM     code | html
VMSupport     code | html
Version     code | html