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Sub Packages:



FtpDirParser   This interface describes a parser for the FtpClient class.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

FtpClient   A class that implements the FTP protocol according to RFCs 959, 2228, 2389, 2428, 3659, 4217 code | html
FtpClientProvider   Service provider class for FtpClient.  code | html


FtpClient.TransferType     code | html
FtpDirEntry.Permission     code | html
FtpDirEntry.Type     code | html
FtpReplyCode   This class describes a FTP protocol reply code and associates a meaning to the numerical value according to the various RFCs (RFC 959 in particular).  code | html
FtpDirEntry   A {@code FtpDirEntry} is a class agregating all the information that the FTP client can gather from the server by doing a {@code LST} (or {@code NLST}) command and parsing the output.  code | html
FtpLoginException   This exception is thrown when an error is encountered during an FTP login operation.  code | html
FtpProtocolException   Thrown to indicate that the FTP server reported an error.  code | html