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Sub Packages:



AuthCache     code | html
HttpAuthenticator   An interface for all objects that implement HTTP authentication.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AuthCacheValue   AuthCacheValue: interface to minimise exposure to authentication cache for external users (ie.  code | html
AuthenticationInfo   AuthenticationInfo: Encapsulate the information needed to authenticate a user to a server.  code | html
Negotiator   This abstract class is a bridge to connect NegotiteAuthentication and NegotiatorImpl, so that JAAS and JGSS calls can be made  code | html


AuthCacheValue.Type     code | html
AuthScheme     code | html
HttpURLConnection.TunnelState     code | html
AuthCacheImpl     code | html
AuthenticationHeader   This class is used to parse the information in WWW-Authenticate: and Proxy-Authenticate: headers.  code | html
AuthenticationHeader.SchemeMapValue     code | html
B64Encoder     code | html
BasicAuthentication   BasicAuthentication: Encapsulate an http server authentication using the "basic" scheme.  code | html
BasicAuthentication.BasicBASE64Encoder     code | html
DigestAuthentication   DigestAuthentication: Encapsulate an http server authentication using the "Digest" scheme, as described in RFC2069 and updated in RFC2617  code | html
DigestAuthentication.Parameters     code | html
EmptyInputStream   An input stream that just returns EOF.  code | html
Handler   open an http input stream given a URL  code | html
HttpCallerInfo   Used in HTTP/Negotiate, to feed HTTP request info into JGSS as a HttpCaller, so that special actions can be taken, including special callback handler, special useSubjectCredsOnly value.  code | html
HttpLogFormatter   A Formatter to make the HTTP logs a bit more palatable to the developer looking at them.  code | html
HttpURLConnection   A class to represent an HTTP connection to a remote object.  code | html
HttpURLConnection.ErrorStream     code | html
HttpURLConnection.HttpInputStream     code | html
HttpURLConnection.StreamingOutputStream     code | html
InMemoryCookieStore   A simple in-memory java.net.CookieStore implementation  code | html
InMemoryCookieStore.DomainComparator     code | html
NTLMAuthSequence     code | html
NTLMAuthentication   NTLMAuthentication:  code | html
NTLMAuthenticationProxy   Proxy class for loading NTLMAuthentication, so as to remove static dependancy.  code | html
NegotiateAuthentication   NegotiateAuthentication:  code | html
NegotiateAuthentication.B64Encoder     code | html
NegotiateCallbackHandler     code | html
NegotiatorImpl   This class encapsulates all JAAS and JGSS API calls in a seperate class outside NegotiateAuthentication.java so that J2SE build can go smoothly without the presence of it.  code | html